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There is perhaps nothing more telling about the "music" choices of Vermonters than the local alternative paper Seven Days's Top 10 feature. It highlights the diverging "tastes" of those who consume records here. It breaks down the top 10 records sold by various locations throughout the state and is all too telling of Vermont culture.

Here are the lists and a bit of commentary:

1. Pure Pop Record's Top 10 [Burlington VT].
This is a great record store and the best in Vermont by far. It has a great selection and is in a basement which adds to the atmosphere. I was there last week and was shocked to see they had the J. Dilla record in stock along with a Wax Tailor poster on the wall. I was impressed. Its also the college town where UVM is located so there's plenty of young people to consume records. Surprised to see Living Legends up there. And it goes downhill from here...

2. Vermont Book Shop's Top 10 [Middlebury VT].
Again another college town. But this town obviously has a Anais Mitchell (who?) fascination, not to mention these people love themselves some Folk music. One of the greatest choices on these top 10's shows up with Def Leppard mixed in amongst the Dixie Chicks and Emmylou Harris. Ohh and a Hawaiian jazz musician is No.1 eh?

3. Buch Spieler Music's Top 10 [Montpelier, VT]
Montpelier, my stopping grounds, the place where I roam the streets with poodles in tow. Nice to see Spearhead up there on top, its a great record. The aging record consuming populace shows up here by having Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon all in the top 10. For some reason it must have taken an extra 6 months for people in the capital to hear the hype around Gnarls.

4. Exile on Main Street's Top 10 [Barre, VT]
Montpelier's whipping boy. The blue collar town to Montpelier's yuppie-ville. There is nothing more amusing than reading Barre's top 10. I have certainly saved the best for last here. Like all Vermont record stores VT's own Grace Potter is up there, but more telling is the additions of Lamb of God (perhaps you know them by their old name Burn the Priest? its when they did their best work) and Stone Sour at 3 and 5 respectively. Both groups are described as menacing, nihilistic, and angst-ridden and really what else would a person want in their music? The inclusion of Shania Twain's Greatest Hits and Outkast's Idlewild just add to the curious nature that is Barre's record consuming habits.

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My latest find over at TTL is ESG's Keep On Moving. The group known formerly as Emerald, Sapphire and Gold is a soul jazz outfit from South Bronx, New York. ESG is made up of four sisters; Deborah Scroggins (bass, vocals), Maria Scroggins (congas, vocals), Renee Scroggins (guitar, vocals), and Valerie Scroggins (drums). This is what Boomkat had to say about it:

One listen to ESG (new or old) and it becomes clear just how indelible their sound has become in recent years - ranging from the breathless electrofunk of Peaches, through to the punk-funk/post-rock hybrid of countless chancers; they were there first So it is entirely fitting that ESG have been coaxed back into the studio after a lengthy hiatus to mint their first new LP in over half a decade - with 'Keep Moving' a splenetic vial of aural fizz that grafts elements of hip-hop, electro, punk, funk and pop onto a bucking frame of rightness.

I am offering up the title track and if you are enjoying it I recommend you pick up the entire record its a great one.

Mp3: ESG - "Keep on Moving"

Buy: ESG's Keep on Moving over at TTL here.

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2006 has already seen the stateside release of Mylo's Destroy Rock & Roll, Justice's Waters of Nazareth, Linus Loves' Stage Invader, Swayzak's Route De La Sack - Rarities to name a few off the top of my head. There is still plenty set to be released with Basement Jaxx's Crazy Itch Radio due out on September 12th.

On a bit of a side note September 12th is going to be quite the day with releases by Basement Jaxx's, DJ Shadow, TVOTR, Justin Timberlake, Junior Boys So this is Goodbye, and another dance record (and purpsoe of this post) in The Rapture's Pieces of the People We Love.

The indie/pop/dance sound really is gaining steam and it appears to me to be catching the singer/songwritter lonely person approach of some indie acts. While dance/electro-house diehards probably cringe when mentioning Erol Allkan, Headman and DFA remixes along with the groups above I really enjoy them (maybe because I am not a diehard?). Here is a track from the upcoming Rapture disc along with a re-edit (which is different from a remix how?).

Mp3: The Rapture - "Whoo! Alright yeah...uh huh"
Mp3: The Rapture - "Get myself into it" (Serge Santiago UK re-edit)

And be sure to support all the artists listed here and if you have suggestions of good pop/electro/dance I missed be sure to clue me in under that comments section I so love to read.

Must see link: Head over to Discobelle there is a song sampler and a couple more edits over there, not to mention just some all around good tracks.

Pre-order: The Rapture's Pieces of the People We Love here.

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RJD2 released an instrumental version of his album with Aceyalone this year but until now I didn't think he had any new material due out in 2006. Correctly titled RJ has a single out called "Here's What's Left." Its a pretty great track. Check it out.

Mp3: RJD2 - "Here's Whats Left" *fixed

Buy: RJD2 records here.

Reader Update: White Silk added that its actually not a new cut but is what he thought a hidden track on RJ's debut record Deadringer (which I have at home and need to check!) and by popular demand issued as a 12". Thanks Silk for the lowdown!

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You might have already seen these floating around, but I just wanted to offer them up here as well. While their name is terrible this group from Sweden has an interesting sound. Not sure if I am totally on board yet but when a group pairs up with Diplo on a remix and Iggy Pop is featured on a track you can say that I am intrigued.

The Stockholm-based collective is set to release their U.S. debut Soft Machine, September 12th on Big Beat Recordings. The album blends a mixture of styles from garage punk beats, Electro, Dancehall and Krautrock (?? no clue what that last one is...perhaps somebody can explain that one).

Mp3: Teddybears - "Cobrastye" (Diplo Remix)
Mp3: Teddybears - "Punkrocker" (Squeek E Clean Remix)

Check it out: Teddybears' myspace.

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I am a big Bob Dylan fan (how can you not be?). Pitchfork just reviewed Modern Times (gave it an 8.3). I have been streaming the full album here. "Spirited on the Water" is my early favorite...and is that an Alicia Keys reference on the intro track, "Thunder on the Mountain?" The entire record is great and definately recommended.

Buy it: You can get Bob Dylan's Modern Times here and from iTunes.

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No this Tuesday dig is not about how Linus Van Pelt loves AG (for the record he loves AG more than his blanket) this dig is about Linus Loves, the dude. Linus Loves (Duncan Reid) along with bestfriend Mylo, run the Scottish Label Breastfed.

Linus Loves released his debut album Stage Invader in May of this year, but what most know him for are his remixes. Here is a small selection of some of the ones kicking around out there.

Mp3: Husky Rescue - "New Light of Tomorrow" (Linus Loves Remix)
Mp3: Scissor Sisters - "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" (Linus Loves Vox)
Mp3: Flat Pack- "Sweet Child of Mine" (Linus Loves Radio Edit)*
Mp3 link: Justin Timberlake - "Sexyback" (Linus Loves Remix)

I know its a bit cheesey but I am loving that Flat Pack "Sweet Child of Mine" Guns n' Roses cover remix. Thing is catchy. Be sure to grab some Linus Loves records below.

Buy: Linus Loves' Stand Back here or Stage Invader here.

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The fine purveyors of hip hop over at Stones Throw have a new compilation album coming out on October 3rd. As many of you already know the man behind Stones Throw records Peanut Butter Wolf is set to release Chrome Children which features top notch hip hop talent in the form of Madvillian, Oh No, J Dilla, Dudley Perkins, Madlib and more. Madvillian's and Madlib's advanced tracks can be purchased over at iTunes. Here is another track that hasn't been made available yet.

Mp3: Aloe Blacc - "What Now"

Related: You can also grab PBW's Chrome Children mix here. Don't forget to pre-order the record and dvd here.

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Darc Mind's Symptomatic of a Greater Ill is set to be released August 28th on Anticon records. There is an interesting back story to this record. It was originally recorded in 1995-1997, but the record was shelved indefinitely...until now. Darc Mind is composed of Kevroc on the mic and producer X-Ray and duo make a formidable team. The album's dark, boom-bap drums, and rolling baseline provide Darc Mind's sinister and unique hip hop sound.

Mp3: Darc Mind - "Visions of Blur"

Why it took this record so long to see the light of day is beyond me. The beats and the rhymes are impeccable. Thanks to Anticon for finally get this record out. Several sites have discussed this as one of hip hop's "lost classics." It certainly is classic but its no longer lost.

Buy it: Go grab this record over at Boomkat.

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In 2005 reggae vocal legend Horace Andy released Dance Hall Style. Jo-Ann Greene of All Music Guide had this to say:

By modern standards, a six-song set barely qualifies as a single, never mind as a full-length album, but with each stellar song featured in its extended form, Dance Hall Style doesn't merely pass muster as an album, but as a masterpiece.

The 6 track album is certainly worth the price. I know I've been getting all over the dub/reggae scene as of late, but between work and studying I just find the genre a great thing to listen to and relax. This album in particular has great riddims be sure to grab it if you are at all interested in the roots reggae style. This track is definately my favorite on the disc ("Let's Live In Love" is another great one):

Mp3: Horace Andy - "Money Money"

Grab it: From Insound or eMusic.

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Haven't seen all the movies of note, but so far Little Miss Sunshine takes the cake. Just got to middle of nowhere Montpelier last night and I made a point to go see it. Steve Carell as expected is fantastic and there really are great performances all around.

The grandpa is my favorite character and Olive is too cute for words. The end scene had me crying I was laughing so hard. Go see this movie ASAP. Right now its going to be difficult for a movie to top this one as my favorite of the year...and it definately ranks up there as one of my favorite movies of all time.

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So to keep on this bit of a remix streak I have going is some remixes of Kill Rockstar records artist The Gossip from my hometown Olympia, WA. Beth's vocals are blow me away and I love the direction they are going with their dance tracks. Check'em out.

Mp3: The Gossip - "Standing in the Way of Control"
Mp3: The Gossip - "Standing in the Way of Control" (Le Tigre Remix)

Cop it! from my local spot here or from eMusic here.

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If you are still rotating that scratchy old bootlegged copy of The Shining its time you step up and grab the real deal. You know AG is all about this record (click here & here). The disc is over at iTunes so its easy enough. Go show your support for Dilla, his fam and hip hop, the work he dedicated his life to.

Mp3: Mos Def - "Saturday Night" (J. Dilla Remix)

Buy: Donuts here OR grab The Shining here.
*Check out Dro who did the artwork here.

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Joesph Fiddler has been around for awhile. Fiddler has played on records by Prince, the Brand New Heavies, Ramsey Lewis, George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars. His single "Right Where You Are" is some pretty uptempo pop R&B stuff. Definately worth a check out. Here is the Hot Chip remix of the single.

Mp3: Amp Fiddler - "Right Where You Are" (Hot Chip Remix)

Buy it: Grab the single over at eMusic.

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Check it out over at XXL Magazine.

Link: DJ Shadow Knockin’ Doorz Down

I like the Outsider from what I have heard. I think its great when an artist never gets comfortable. Shadow is certainly an ambitious musician and that shows on this record. There will be people that hate this new album and its hyphy sound and I think to some extent Shadow accepts that.

Entroducing of course is classic, always will be, and I think the use of more guest spots, less vocals just highlighs Shadow's ability to produce on this album. He already perfected the instramental record so why keep making one after another?

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Thanks to Jack over at Pound for Pound for drawing the Padded Cell's 12" to my attention. The tracks are funky, have a great baseline and "Are You Anywhere" features some great sax samples, but I'll leave it to the pros for a better description.

From TTL:

They're what you wish every record in the "New Disco" section sounded like. Super dark, driving bass, cool sound effects, massive build-up, room to breathe etc."Are You Anywhere(1)" is a prime example of their skills. Another freaking burner. Sax Solo? Fucking hell yes. Am I imagining things or is the b-side "Konkorde(2)" even better?

Mp3 link: Padded Cell - "Are You Anywhere"

Buy: Padded Cell's Are You Anywhere 12" from TTL.

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Four Tet is set to release a record called Remixes on Domino records. The record features Four Tet remixing (go figure); Radiohead, Madvillian, Bonobo, Bloc Party among others. AG is offering up the Radiohead track for you all to check out.

Mp3: Radiohead - "Skttrbrain" (Four Tet Remix)

Pre-Order: Go pre-order this record over at Insound.

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Over at Vice recordings you can grab the Chromeo Mix tape. The thing is pretty rad.

A Side:
1. Me & My Man (Whitey Remix)
2. Needy Girl (Bloc Party Remix)**
3. You're So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix)*
4. Rage! (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

B Side:
1. Me & My Man (Juan McLean Remix)
2. Needy Girl (Paper Faces Remix)
3. Destination: Overdrive (DFA Remix)
4. Rage! (Riton Remix)

Download: the tracks in .Zip format here.

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Ok probably a bit of an exaggeration given they have only put out one full LP. But, next to DJ Shadow's Entroducing there is no better album in my opinion period. If I could choose only one record to take to a desert island Since I Left You would be the one.

Supposedly Modular and The Avalanches are promising the release of a new record soon (there was At Last Alone in 2001), but after six years of waiting I am getting ansey. There have been the Presets, Soulwax, Wolfmother, Cut Copy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even my new love Chromeo all putting out notable releases on Modular People. However, regardless of the talent level nothing can take the place of The Avalanches' sound.

They did release this stellar remix off of the Franz Ferdinand "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" single. There is also a Wolfmother remix floating around out there as well. Check it out.

Mp3: Franz Ferdinand - "Fade Together" (Avalanches Remix)

Hopefully some of my friends who are IN Australia can give me some hope or some insider Aussie knowledge on the group to keep me hungry.

Buy: Since I Left You here or At Last Alone here.

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So the Tuesday dig went on a bit of a hiatus. The reason? Well either I couldn't think of something clever or interesting to post on OR was just plain too lazy to upload a bunch of tracks. Laziness and indecision is in the past and Dub is in your future.

I post alot about my favorite styles of music typically hip hop, electronic with a bit of jazz (not as much jazz as I'd like but I am working on that), but one of my other favorite genres is Dub. The subset of Reggae I particularly enjoy.

From AMG:

Dub derives its name from the practice of dubbing instrumental, rhythm-oriented versions of reggae songs onto the B-sides of 45 rpm singles, which evolved into a legitimate and accepted style of its own as those re-recordings became forums for engineers to experiment with the possibilities of their mixing consoles.

One of the reasons I enjoy Dub is because of its heavy baseline and its close association to the downtempo genre of electronic music that I love. While I have just begun to get my feet in the Dub genre a couple artists have stood out, particularly Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo and Mad Professor.

Mp3: Augustus Pablo - "East of the River Nile"
Mp3: Augustus Pablo - "Rockers Rock"
Mp3: King Tubby - "Satta Dread Dub"
Mp3: Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - "10 Cent Shank"
Mp3: Mad Professor - "Operation Trident"

My love for dub, hip hop and downtempo illustrates just how much of a sucker I am for a great instrumental track. I tried to link some of my favorite tracks BUT as usual if you have recommendations please list them in comments. I always want to learn more.

Buy: For a great selection of a variety of dub beats check out the eMusic Pressure Sounds page here.

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Great take on one of my favorite tracks of the year, seriously the pickup about 3 minutes in is great. Overall the album was un-impressive but the "Futures" track is certainly a stand out.

Mp3: Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzalez - "Futures" (Rub n' Tug Remix)

Grab it: The Garden over at insound.

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Ghostface puts out one of the best records of the year and somehow turns up on just about every hip hop album worth noting this year as well. No clue how this guy is doing it, but when he shows up he brings it. The latest guest spot by Mr. Ghostface is on a track with our crazy neighbors to the north; The Swollen Members. I remember catching these guy's show in college (B.C. where they are from is about an hour from where I went to school, they also rocked our campus one year with BEP & Mix Master Mike). So listening to Battle Axe artists is a bit nostalgic for me.

While SM have gone a bit more mainstream in their appeal and I haven't found their latest efforts as attractive as Balance and Bad Dreams, but regardless they still bring a tremendous amount of energy to their songs. The new track "Weight" was produced by The Alchemist.

Mp3: Swollen Members feat. Ghostface Killah - "Weight"

The track will be featured on Swollen Member's forthcoming album Black Magic out in Sep 12, 2006 on the BC independent label Battle Axe Records.

Thanks to Spine Magazine for the Heads up on this track!

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Here is the Art for the up coming Lupe Fiasco album Food and Liquor. It showcases some great graphic design. I have always wished I was good at this sort of thing. I do some cartography work and obviously this blog, but this is some of that next tier type stuff much like a couple of my friends are able to do. Anyway just wanted to share this great looking cover.

Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor comes out September 19th. Get the "Kick Push" single from iTunes.

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This is a new track featured on the Step Up soundtrack which I am going to say right now is terrible (the movie not this track). I haven't seen it, so maybe that's unfair, but I will continue with that assertion until somebody tells me otherwise cause there is no way I am going to check it out. But thats not the point of this, the point is that Kelis' new album has some great R&B/pop stuff on it and this track is definitely along those lines.

Mp3: Kelis - "80's Joint"

I found the Milkshake song absurd but for some reason am liking this track (its not going to blow any minds but its damn catchy and has a hell of a baseline sample) and her new album Kelis Was Here has grown on me. Its no Kaleidoscope, but its alright.

Buy it: Kelis was Here and don't see the movie its guaranteed to be dumb.

Link: Scheme at Palms has a couple more samples.

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You heard me right, you cheapskates, miserly, penny-pinching, tightfisted readers. For those of you unwilling to buy this steller 10 dollar disk we have for you the first ever give away in recorded AG history. Thats right, DJ B.Cause one of SF's finest on the wheels of steel was kind enough to hook it up with two copies of his latest production.

I will mail the winners their own respective copy of B.Cause and Max Kane's Night of the Living Remix Vol. 1 "ReScrapes, Yapes and Tapes." (Please read the tracklisting first and if you are not at all interested in the music don't apply cause I want this thing going to somebody that is actually planning to enjoy it and not just some punk that just wants free crap).

Contest details:

Answer the 2 questions and the first two with the right answer get the record.

1. Name AG's favorite track off B.Cause's and Matthew Africa's Soul Boulders disk.
2. Name AG's three favorite artists showing up on the Night of the Remix record.
- Hint: one is a woman from one of the greatest hip hop groups ever, the other is a Chicago MC that appears for about 26 secs and the final one is one of the most influencial soul singers of the 1960s.

Simple and easy right? Just a bit of research and the record is all yours. First come first serve. Post your answers in the comments with your email address so I can get back at you.
Here is a taster.

Mp3: Three 6 Mafia, George Michaels - "Careless Whip" (B. Cause Fly Away Blend)

Support this: Don't wanna be labeled cheap or are too late to the contest? Fork over 10 bucks and send a paypal to B. Cause and get yourself this record and its associated 31 tracks of hotness.

Its Over.

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Tender Buttons was one of my favorite records of last year. Most likely capitalizing on increased sales based on that record's exposure (even though past albums are thought of as better) they are set to release Future Crayon. The record is a career-spanning collection of rarities, b-sides, and compilation appearances. Check out a sample of what you are going to find.

Mp3: Broadcast - "Hammer without a Master"

Buy it: Grab yourself that Future Crayon record here.

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Elvira Arellano is a 31-year-old mother, immigrant and activist, who officials are trying to deport to Mexico. This week Arellano sought sanctuary at a church in the Garfield Park Neighborhood of Chicago with her seven-year-old son, an American citizen.

Here is the brilliant part...it would be a PR nightmare for US Customs, Homeland Security and the administration to go into a church and arrest a women and her 7 year old son. She is using Bush's constant bible thumping and ultra conservative base as a token in her favor. The administration wouldn't look too godly if they bust into a church and haul off a working women and her 7 year old American son would they?

Arellano is not leaving the church and this situation is beginning to hit national headlines. It's surprising that there was no quiet political fix to avert this situation before it got to this state. Arellano is emerging as a national face for this enormous issue as we ascend into a turbulent election season. The lady worked a blue collar spot at O'Hare, shes no criminal, she is a working single parent. She was doing a job that nobody else wanted. Let the lady stay!

Its been a rough week for the administration; NSA wiretapping deemed illegal in Detroit Federal Court and now this. While we are on the wire tap bit check out this quote by District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, "There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution."

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Not really a philosophy I choose to live by, but hell its just a record. UK's DJ Format's 2005 release If you can't beat'em join'em is pretty light and great for chilling back on a nice summer day. You aren't going to find any real heavy baselines, but you will find some great beats mixed with some great piano samples. Its pretty backpacky, but I love a good backpack track for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I just used "but" three times in the last paragraph...bad sentence structure on my part.

Mp3: DJ Format feat. Charli 2Na & Akil - "The Place"
Mp3: DJ Format feat. Abdominal & D-Sisive - "Separated At Birth"

Buy it! Dj Format @ eMusic.

Update: I was just made aware that the album title is actually If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em so you can forget about all the stuff I said at the beginning. Most probably just skip my blathering and go straight for the music anyways. Thanks to a detail oriented reader for the heads up!

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For those not in the know Cancer Rising is a Seattle based hip hop crew. The heavy spitters are Gatsby (son of legendary producer Larry Mizell), Judas and DJ TilesOne. The are 206 originals. Their 2005 release, Search for a Cure is a solid record. The standout for me is definately their track "Dedicated." Thier rock and soul flavoured tracks are more than worthy of a check it out. Support those cats if your diggin it.

Mp3: Cancer Rising - "Grace and the Pen"
Mp3: Cancer Rising - "Dedicated"*

Grab that! head over to Cancer Rising m-space and support some NW hip hop. Between Common Market, Blue Scholars and Cancer Rising when it comes to hip hop Seattle is in good hands.

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Bird Peterson is an Austin, Texas based DJ/Producer. He has a very eclectic remix/blend style something that brings a certain polish to his work. I was originally drawn to him when I heard his dope mix of the hip hop classic, Dead Prez's "Hell Yeah." His mix was very fresh and something I hadn't really heard out of a remix at the time.

He uses a wide range of artists (evident here, a bit of Temptations, spanker and the Who). As advertised on his m-space he definitely has the hot jams. Be sure to check him out. If you are in the Austin area he can be found August, 25 2006 at Cold Blockin It! @ the Emos Lounge (Northeast Corner of 6th and Red River), Austin, TX 78714 the show is....free.

Mp3: Temptations - "Aint Too Proud to Beg" (Bird's Bmore Remix)
Mp3: The Who - "Baba O Riley" (Bird Peterson Baltimore Wasteland)
Mp3: Spank Rock - Chilly Will (Bird Peterson Remix)

Buy: Can't seem to track down anything consumable but watch his m-space as he is sure to have something purchasable in the near future. Head over there and drop him a line about the remixes he is always looking on ways to improve and is a great dude.

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I have been meaning to write this up for some time but unjustly kept forgetting to do so. Tim Parker aka Gift of Gab released Supreme Lyricism a limited-edition mix record in July. Blackalicious is one of my favorite hip hop tandems. Growing up on the westcoast and enjoying the conscious rhythms of the bay area scene, Blackalicious' A to G was one of my first forays into hip hop ("Deception" remains one of my favorite all-time hip hop tracks). Gab's first solo release 4th Dimensional Rocket Ships Going Up was alright but it left me wanting more.

Supreme Lyricism was released independently by Mr. Parker through his website and several other spots (notably The Giant Peach). The disc features original tracks along with songs previously released as b-sides or on compilation albums. The record was produced by DJ Icewater.

Mp3: Gift of Gab featuring Mr. Lif - "Lay it down"
Mp3: Gift of Gab featuring Versastyle - "Greatness"

Buy it: Like I said this is independently released so be sure to pick it up. With purchase you automatically get entered into the raffle. Two individuals will be randomly selected to be flown to the Bay Area to spend a day with the Gift of Gab, stay in a Four-Star Hotel,meet other members of the Quannum Collective, and get the entire Quannum catalog. Not too shabby for 11 bucks.

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DJ Green Lantern aka the Evil Genius has taken a host of Beastie acapellas and updated it with some modern beats. The final result is something that is very fun to listen to. I have mostly stopped listening to the Beastie Boys. Not because I don't like their music just wasn't that into Hello Nasty or To The Five Burroughs.

This record I thought was pretty fresh and definately enjoyed it even though it came out like 2 years ago. Check out some "Hey Ladies" crossed with Biggie's "Hypnotize" or "Triple Double" over a "White Lines" beat. Good stuff. Rock it.

Mp3: Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble" (Green Mix)
Mp3: Beastie Boys - "Hey Ladies" (Green Mix)

Buy: Ny State of Mind by Green Lantern & The Beastie Boys from TTLab.

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Outside of Idlewild, Game Theory and The Outsider I was not ancipipating any release by any artist more than Junior Boys' So This is Goodbye. When a co-worker passed me their 2004 release Last Exit I became an immediate fan.

The first complete album made by vocalist Jeremy Greenspan without the aid of founding member and presumed rhythmic engine Johnny Dark, it finds the Boys (now rounded out by onetime engineer Matthew Didemus) working within comparatively streamlined song structures, the rhythmic capriciousness that so strongly informed their debut all but erased from the whiteboard. - Mark Pytlik, Pitchfork.

Mp3: Junior Boys - "Count Souvenirs"
Mp3: Junior Boys feat. Andi Tomi - "In The Morning"

"Count Souvenirs" is just one of the many hightlights that is featured on this sparce 10 track 49 minute record. When every track is quality its hard to find fault in such a short EP. I didn't think they could improve on Last Exit but I believe they did so with So This is Goodbye.

Pre-order the record here.

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If you didn't know this is quite possibly the "biggest club hit of the summer." You might ask how a kid from Montpelier Vermont would know the biggest club hit of the summer...and I would respond that I don't. That statement is not based on experience its just what I read. Because if I used experience to decide what the biggest club hit of the summer would be I would be telling you about the Folktastic Mountain String Band and how they just destroyed their recent DJ set....

Anyways here is a remix of that hit so Vermonters can get a taste...and if you are from a big city you probably can gauge for yourself what the "club hit of the summer" is. We just don't have clubs here so...

Mp3: Justice Vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Lee Cabrera's Lower East Side Remix)

Buy it! from the Turntable Lab here or here. You get a free poster as well!

This should be the club hit of the summer:

MP3 link: Dj Mehdi feat. Chromeo - "I Am Somebody"

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Need a classic DJ Shadow or a RJD2 mixup fix? Given that The Outsider is a departure from Shadow's old stuff and RJD2 doesn't have an instrumental album lined up for this record consuming season check out Wax Tailor. His record, Tales of Forgotten Melodies is not new it came out in May of 2005 (hasn't come out in US yet) but given his French underground status I am sure it was overlooked by many (including me until now!).

I learned about him through KEXP's listening charts. He moved 20,000 copies in France which really means nothing in a US market that 1. usually hates the French and 2. doesn't listen to instrumental albums at any type of frequency. But then again AG doesn't pander to the typical music audience. Enough of my blathering here is some great cinematic hip hop for your Sunday.

Mp3: Wax Tailor - "Que Sera"
Mp3: Wax Tailor - "Between Fellows"

Pre-order: Wax Tailor's Tales of Forgotten Melodies here.

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One half of the team that brought you the essential Soul Boulders soul master mix album has done it again. This time he's teamed up with Max Kane to drop a seriously stellar list of bangers (click the pic above for tracklist) on his new Night of the Remix Vol. 1.

From the mouth of B.Cause himself:

Max Kane & I are proud to bring you our latest cd joint, "Night Of The The Remix Vol.1". Inspired initially by a live 4 turn set we did last fall at the homie Satva's monthly at Milk Bar in SF, this is another adventure into harmonious blends and subtle funky cuts akin to my unreleased multitrack endeavor, "Play Crater" (rouch mix )."

The album art is ridiculous! I guess I just have a thing for skeletons but I am loving it. If only the AG skeleton could be flossin' like BCause's. Gold grill and aviators...awesome. Drop B.Cause a Pay Pal for this disk its only 10 bucks! If you pre-order he throws in some other cool crap. Check him out.

Bonus Mp3: DJ B.Cause - "Had A Gun"
(Not on the Record, but dope and downloadable nonetheless)

I'll host a couple tracks as soon as I get the hardcopy of this record. There might even be a contest of sorts. Stay tuned till then.

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Before you head off to enjoy your weekend I thought I would offer up a little Rockability curtousy of A-trak. Here are some of the dude's remixes, productions, and blends. The blend is thanks to DJ Ayres of the Rub. Check that guy out he knows how to rock.

Mp3: Bonde Do Role - "Melo Do Tabaco" (A-Trak Remix)
Mp3: GLC - "Chi State of Mind" (A-Trak Production)
Mp3: Nelly Furtado vs. The Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes Promiscuous" (A-Trak remix)

Anywhoos. Be sure to pick up some A-Trak merchandise, if you are in Brooklyn get to a DJ Ayres show or pick up a Rub disc and as always have a great weekend!

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Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that there is this solid mix by Caps and Jones up at The Stencil. Get over there and download it.

Mp3 link: Caps and Jones - "Smoky Shuffle" (1/2 Hour Mix)

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Killer Mike takes Sinatra's "That's Life" modo and totally twists it into a venomous diatribe about whats wrong in the world and the powers that be. Most notably he takes on Bush I and II, Barb, Bill Cosby, Oprah, doctors, Bill O'Reilly and Martha Stewart. The track isn't catchy but it isn't meant to be this is a great piece of protest music. Check it out and download it just for the message alone.

Mp3: Killer Mike - "That's Life" *fixed

My guess this track isn't going to be a big hit on the radio or hype machine for that matter. But songs with real messages rarely are.

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Ayatollah's beats are what drove Mos Def's hit "Ms. Fatbooty" and have worked for countless other leading hip hop figures from Ghostface, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, and R.A. the RUGGED MAN. Ayatollah's 2006 release Now Playing showcases his superb production skill. Its an instrumental collection of his favorite compositions. Be sure to check it out.

Mp3: Ayatollah - "Nag Champa" (Intro)

You have no excuse not to grab this its on eMusic.

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We rescued her from Kentucky after she was abandoned. Taylor is Cooper's 15 week old sidekick. Don't know Cooper? He's the fella at the bottom of the blog...take a scroll down. Should be fun to watch these too rough it up in the years to come.

Mp3: Bob James - "Nautilus"

One of my favorite soul tracks check it out. Might have to be Taylor's theme song. Everyone needs a sidekick, a partner in crime, you have got to believe that.

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These remixes of Alice Smith's track "Love Endeavor" are killing me this summer. Both have been top notch. Alice's upcoming The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me (Sept 5th) is shaping up to be a great one. I am very eager to check out this R&B rising star. She is definately a throwback to R&B's glory years. Check out this latest remix.

Mp3: Alice Smith - "Love Endeavor" (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Mp3 stream: Alice Smith - "Secrets" (NPR Song of the Day)

Don't forget the album drops September 5th. Be sure to grab it when it does.

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Bronx based DJ Jason Kibler a.k.a DJ Logic of Rope-a-dope record has a new record out. Its definately a worth a check out. Zen of Logic show cases Logic's Dub/Drum & Bass/Hip Hop sound. Logic has gotten some serious praise most notably by URB magazine:

“Logic's not just a skilled DJ, he's also a talented all-around musician. Eschewing flashy scratching displays, he fronts chunky hip-hop beat slinging, knob-twisting dub, and chaotic sound sculpting -- sonic trademarks that've made him the man to call when jazz cats want to tap into the hip-hop zeitgeist. The results - both on the album and in concert - favor multi-textured grooves over highflying solos.” – URB
Be sure to check out a couple of my favorites off the record and then go snatch it up here.

Mp3: DJ Logic - "9th Ward Blues"
Mp3: DJ Logic - "Hypnotic"

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Those crazy Canadians. Whether its Kid Koala cooking up the turntables, No Luck Club or Toronto-based Shaw-Han Liem Canadians know how to add a fresh unique vibe to the music scene. I would love to throw Boards of Canada in there but they are actually from Scotland. What Liem does is very much like Boards of Canada, however.

So if you like Boards of Canada, the Boats or Clogs you will definitely enjoy I Am Robot and Proud. Liem excels at combining both electronic and organic instrumentation to produce soothing instrumental electronic pop. He has been operating relatively under the radar since his debt release The Catch in 2001 (but aren't all electronic pop artists operating under the radar?). AMG has this great description about Electronic in Your House Wants to Sing:

I Am Robot and Proud's third release continues Shaw-Han Liem's never-ending quest to forge previous melodies with scattering rhythms into melodic compositions that make the Postal Service seem like a death metal band.

Mp3: I Am Robot and Proud - "The Work"
Mp3: I Am Robot and Proud - "Electronic in Your House Wants to Sing"

Buy this record: here, here and here (iTunes).

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One downside of having blogger homies with such similar tastes is they have a tendency to post stuff that I have lined up to be posted. They flat out beat me to the punch on this one. So while I might be sipping beer next to the Mad River here in VT Chris and Haldan are working hard. While they beat me to the punch on the new Cassius (no its not the Roman general and conspirator against Julius Caesar) single off the 15 Again record. I have track to add to the frey.

Mp3: Cassius - "Toop Toop" (Cassius Reggae Rock Remix)
Mp3 link: Cassius - "Toop Toop" (Martin Eyerer Remix)
Mp3 link: Cassius - "Toop Toop" (Original Mix)

Give back: Get the upcoming 15 Again record here or here.

And yes I know that's not a monkey, but a gorilla. Just figured a post about Gorilla versus Bear gave me an excuse to post a cute gorilla picture.

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I contributed a piece on the Blue Scholars over at FMGT for their retrospectives month. Be sure to check it out. I tossed some of my favorite NW hip hop tracks up there as well. Check it out and let them know what you think.

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I was dogging indie mashup blog golden boy Girl Talk last Friday so I thought I should offer up some mashup alternatives. 3 are from the group Soulwax (aka Too Many DJs) and a young gun from Baltimore named Dave Nada. I can't get over the novelty of hearing two great tracks blended together. Check them out and enjoy the weekend.

Mp3: Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff vs. Lupe Fiasco - "Kick Push Summertime" (Dave Nada Mix)
Mp3: Survivor vs. Skeelo - "Eye of a baller" (Soulwax Remix)
Mp3: The Clash vs. Basement Jaxx - "Magnificant Romeo" (Soulwax Remix)
Mp3: Grandmaster Flash vs. Blackstreet - "No Diggity is the Message" (Soulwax Remix)*

Support this! get some Soulwax over here and head over to Mr. Nada's space here.

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Repping Washington State's Tacoma breakbeat record creator Eliot Lipp has a couple new 2006 offerings. Lipp's instramental records are typically strictly breaks and synths, but that doesn't hinder him in the least bit.

A keyboard cowboy of sorts, with his manipulation of analog keyboards and drum machines, [Lipp is] influenced by the complex and somewhat neurotic beats of Shadow, Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Dosh and other detail-oriented producers.” -URB Instant 2006 Pick Feature, Jan/Feb 2006

Check out Lipp's "Rap Tight" track off his 2006 Tacoma Mockingbird EP or check out the steller unreleased "Glasspipe" remix by Daedulus.

Mp3: Eliot Lipp - "Rap Tight"
Mp3: Eliot Lipp - "Glasspipe" (Daedulus Remix)

Buy: Get Tacoma Mockingbird or The Days EP here (iTunes).

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If you haven't grabbed the new Spearhead album you have got to. It's a great record and has something powerful to say. One of the great protest tracks is "Light up your lighter" and while I'm not crazy about the hook I definately appreciate the lyrics.

Mp3: Spearhead - "Light up your lighter"

The new album Yell Fire! was produced by Franti and Mario Caldato Jr. (of Beastie Boys' fame). Franti has always had a great ability to write progressive challenging and political lyrics and that shows through fantastically on this record. I think I still like Stay Human better but that shouldn't be a detractor to picking up this record.

Buy it: From eMusic.

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Dabrye's Two/Three album came out 6.13.06 to mixed reviews. Its a follow up to his One/Three album that was dropped in 2001. Two/Three does an excellent job of highlighting Dabrye's (Tadd Mullinix's hip hop alter ego) production skills and really shows that he has the ability to make a stellar record (think along the lines of Prefuse 73 (aka Scott Heren)).

However, the record gets muddled with all the guest MC spots (and its not for lack of MC talent MF Doom and Jay Dee show up). In contrast Heren choose to stick with what he does best, on Two/Three Dabrye in part misses. His haunting and varied production certainly shouldn't be overlooked, but like others that came before me, I found that this record would have been more enjoyable had it just been an instrumental piece. Guest spots can sometimes add variation and edge to tracks on a record, but when its entirely made up of guest spots its hard to create an album that flows regardless of the level of production. Here are a couple cuts off the disc courtesy of the label Ghostly International.

Mp3: Dabrye - "Truffle No Shuffle"
Mp3: Dabrye feat. Kadence "Encoded Flow"

I think he would do well in the future to find an MC that matches his vibe and go with that for the whole record. It worked moderately well for RJD2 and Ace this year, of course works for Blackalicious, and worked wonders for Murs when he teamed up with 9th Wonder from Little Brother on Murray's Revenge.

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I try and stay current on the latest hip hop and electro music and I think of myself as fairly knowledgeable of what is going on in the indie world. While a bulk of my time might be consumed in listening to hip hop and electronic music a close second is listening to jazz. I don't know alot about the nuances of jazz nor am I much of a jazz theorist, but I really love listening to the old stuff (would you say traditional?) especially after a long day pushing papers.

While much of the music I listen to can be criticized as not being organic, spontaneous or improvised, jazz doesn't suffer from this and does a fantastic job of filling that void. A quick run through my iTunes and I have about 211 tracks defined by Apple as "Jazz" many of them are standard big names like Mingus, Monk, Powell, Ellington, Tyner, Rollins and Marsalis. Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell stand out as my favorites. My two favorite jazz albums are Oscar Peterson's 1951 and Duke Ellington's Money Jungle (I think there is possibly no better jazz song than "Fleurette Africaine") Here are the two most listened to AG jazz tracks.

Mp3: Charles Mingus - "Boogie Stomp Shuffle"
Mp3: Oscar Peterson - "For You"

If there are any jazz buffs out there with recommendation of others to listen to I am all ears.