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Those crazy Canadians. Whether its Kid Koala cooking up the turntables, No Luck Club or Toronto-based Shaw-Han Liem Canadians know how to add a fresh unique vibe to the music scene. I would love to throw Boards of Canada in there but they are actually from Scotland. What Liem does is very much like Boards of Canada, however.

So if you like Boards of Canada, the Boats or Clogs you will definitely enjoy I Am Robot and Proud. Liem excels at combining both electronic and organic instrumentation to produce soothing instrumental electronic pop. He has been operating relatively under the radar since his debt release The Catch in 2001 (but aren't all electronic pop artists operating under the radar?). AMG has this great description about Electronic in Your House Wants to Sing:

I Am Robot and Proud's third release continues Shaw-Han Liem's never-ending quest to forge previous melodies with scattering rhythms into melodic compositions that make the Postal Service seem like a death metal band.

Mp3: I Am Robot and Proud - "The Work"
Mp3: I Am Robot and Proud - "Electronic in Your House Wants to Sing"

Buy this record: here, here and here (iTunes).

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