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Need a classic DJ Shadow or a RJD2 mixup fix? Given that The Outsider is a departure from Shadow's old stuff and RJD2 doesn't have an instrumental album lined up for this record consuming season check out Wax Tailor. His record, Tales of Forgotten Melodies is not new it came out in May of 2005 (hasn't come out in US yet) but given his French underground status I am sure it was overlooked by many (including me until now!).

I learned about him through KEXP's listening charts. He moved 20,000 copies in France which really means nothing in a US market that 1. usually hates the French and 2. doesn't listen to instrumental albums at any type of frequency. But then again AG doesn't pander to the typical music audience. Enough of my blathering here is some great cinematic hip hop for your Sunday.

Mp3: Wax Tailor - "Que Sera"
Mp3: Wax Tailor - "Between Fellows"

Pre-order: Wax Tailor's Tales of Forgotten Melodies here.

3 interested person(s)

james said... @ 8/13/2006 03:51:00 PM

Very DJ Shadowish like you said but still liking this.

Anonymous said... @ 8/16/2006 09:27:00 AM

The album is out in the US on Decon.

K. said... @ 8/16/2006 10:14:00 AM

Nice thanks for the heads up.

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