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I am a big Bob Dylan fan (how can you not be?). Pitchfork just reviewed Modern Times (gave it an 8.3). I have been streaming the full album here. "Spirited on the Water" is my early favorite...and is that an Alicia Keys reference on the intro track, "Thunder on the Mountain?" The entire record is great and definately recommended.

Buy it: You can get Bob Dylan's Modern Times here and from iTunes.

4 interested person(s)

Flatlander said... @ 8/30/2006 02:17:00 PM

I didn't know you were a fellow Dylan nut. Any chance of talking you into going to either his show up in Montreal or down in Amherst in November? I'd do either.

I picked up Modern Times yesterday at Buch Spieler but am waiting for tomorrow to listen to it.

I don't want to be interrupted the first few times I listen to it and things are crazy here until tomorrow when I'm traveling to Ohio and back in the same day.

Lots of down time sitting in the airport to enjoy it.

By the way, it seems like there are a lot of Dylan fans out there among the indie kids. I posted the original version of Dylan's "Master of War" the other day and it sat in The Hype Machine's "Most Popular" list for two days. Kind of weird and unexpected. The tune is about 43 years old and fairly well known.

K. said... @ 8/30/2006 02:23:00 PM

I would love to go up to Montreal and check it out. Is there a date floating around out there. Master of War is a great track. I think Dylan strikes a cord in alot of people. I've just been listening to the stream and need to head down to Buch Spieler and get myself a proper copy.

Flatlander said... @ 8/30/2006 05:11:00 PM

All of Dylan's show dates are available here.

Flatlander said... @ 8/30/2006 05:12:00 PM

Montreal is Nov. 8th and Amherst is Nov. 15th.

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