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We rescued her from Kentucky after she was abandoned. Taylor is Cooper's 15 week old sidekick. Don't know Cooper? He's the fella at the bottom of the blog...take a scroll down. Should be fun to watch these too rough it up in the years to come.

Mp3: Bob James - "Nautilus"

One of my favorite soul tracks check it out. Might have to be Taylor's theme song. Everyone needs a sidekick, a partner in crime, you have got to believe that.

8 interested person(s)

Chris said... @ 8/09/2006 11:24:00 PM

dude, that dog rules. great song too.

dexter said... @ 8/10/2006 11:13:00 AM

Is that a poodle? I assume it is since the dog at the bottom is. That pooch is too cute! Grats to you and very honorable that you rescued her. That doesn't happen enough these days.

Cheers mate.

K. said... @ 8/10/2006 12:35:00 PM

Good eye Dexter. They are indeed both poodles sans crappy poodle haircuts. I appreciate the kind words. We really wanted to adopt a rescue pooch. Too many out there without nice places to live.

Anonymous said... @ 8/10/2006 01:11:00 PM

she is super cute. kentucky must be far from vermont. cheers to taylor being a rescue.

karen said... @ 8/10/2006 01:24:00 PM


Colbs said... @ 8/10/2006 01:32:00 PM

What were you (or are you) doing in Kentucky?

K. said... @ 8/10/2006 01:54:00 PM

Yes Kentucky is far from VT. It was all MMM on the pickup. Hats off to her. Straight there-stay the night-then straight back. 14 hrs each way.

kristjan said... @ 8/10/2006 04:51:00 PM

man, the rza finds such gems. i have alot of respect for him for finding such obscure records. anyone can flip a isley's or willie hutch record. do you think kanye has the same respect? because the whole "soul on 45" or chipmunk sped-up style that he uses, was a rza trademark. in my opinion, rza started it all. but kanye uses al green and otis redding. geeze, why do i always seem to sound so negative??? sorry. maybe at an elder age of 26, i just miss the good old days of quality hip hop. cheers!!

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