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2006 has already seen the stateside release of Mylo's Destroy Rock & Roll, Justice's Waters of Nazareth, Linus Loves' Stage Invader, Swayzak's Route De La Sack - Rarities to name a few off the top of my head. There is still plenty set to be released with Basement Jaxx's Crazy Itch Radio due out on September 12th.

On a bit of a side note September 12th is going to be quite the day with releases by Basement Jaxx's, DJ Shadow, TVOTR, Justin Timberlake, Junior Boys So this is Goodbye, and another dance record (and purpsoe of this post) in The Rapture's Pieces of the People We Love.

The indie/pop/dance sound really is gaining steam and it appears to me to be catching the singer/songwritter lonely person approach of some indie acts. While dance/electro-house diehards probably cringe when mentioning Erol Allkan, Headman and DFA remixes along with the groups above I really enjoy them (maybe because I am not a diehard?). Here is a track from the upcoming Rapture disc along with a re-edit (which is different from a remix how?).

Mp3: The Rapture - "Whoo! Alright yeah...uh huh"
Mp3: The Rapture - "Get myself into it" (Serge Santiago UK re-edit)

And be sure to support all the artists listed here and if you have suggestions of good pop/electro/dance I missed be sure to clue me in under that comments section I so love to read.

Must see link: Head over to Discobelle there is a song sampler and a couple more edits over there, not to mention just some all around good tracks.

Pre-order: The Rapture's Pieces of the People We Love here.

4 interested person(s)

mewy said... @ 8/31/2006 01:20:00 PM



Chris from Stateless currently touring with Shadow...quality stuff check them out...

Anonymous said... @ 9/01/2006 01:16:00 PM

First off - great blog! Always insightul, always entertaining.

Second - as a recommendation: Max Sedgely "From The Roots To The Shoots"

Third - Re-edits differ from re-mixes in that the person doing the re-edit generally take what's already there and re-arranges it, maybe bumping up levels in certain tracks in the mix. The original production is used for the most part.

In a remix, the producer will add their own production, sometimes barely using any of the original track in the mix.

K. said... @ 9/01/2006 02:36:00 PM

Now this is the reason why I love blogs. Thats some great insight there Anon. Learn something everyday from the people that read this and send me emails or post in comments. Good good shit. Thanks. I will be sure to check out the record suggested. Ill post here once I check it out thanks again for swinging by. PEACE!

Jarret L Green said... @ 9/03/2006 09:36:00 PM

MSTRKRFT may be more mainstream than some of the acts you mentioned (besides the Rapture), but the new album, The Looks, is solid, and MSTRKRFT makes some of the best remixes in the biz.

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