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This is a new track featured on the Step Up soundtrack which I am going to say right now is terrible (the movie not this track). I haven't seen it, so maybe that's unfair, but I will continue with that assertion until somebody tells me otherwise cause there is no way I am going to check it out. But thats not the point of this, the point is that Kelis' new album has some great R&B/pop stuff on it and this track is definitely along those lines.

Mp3: Kelis - "80's Joint"

I found the Milkshake song absurd but for some reason am liking this track (its not going to blow any minds but its damn catchy and has a hell of a baseline sample) and her new album Kelis Was Here has grown on me. Its no Kaleidoscope, but its alright.

Buy it: Kelis was Here and don't see the movie its guaranteed to be dumb.

Link: Scheme at Palms has a couple more samples.

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