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Bronx based DJ Jason Kibler a.k.a DJ Logic of Rope-a-dope record has a new record out. Its definately a worth a check out. Zen of Logic show cases Logic's Dub/Drum & Bass/Hip Hop sound. Logic has gotten some serious praise most notably by URB magazine:

“Logic's not just a skilled DJ, he's also a talented all-around musician. Eschewing flashy scratching displays, he fronts chunky hip-hop beat slinging, knob-twisting dub, and chaotic sound sculpting -- sonic trademarks that've made him the man to call when jazz cats want to tap into the hip-hop zeitgeist. The results - both on the album and in concert - favor multi-textured grooves over highflying solos.” – URB
Be sure to check out a couple of my favorites off the record and then go snatch it up here.

Mp3: DJ Logic - "9th Ward Blues"
Mp3: DJ Logic - "Hypnotic"

3 interested person(s)

matt said... @ 8/09/2006 02:35:00 PM

The new Logic album is fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Jason’s work. I’ve seen him like 6 times in as many years. My only complaint: he doesn’t appear to have a tour planned to support the new album. I’ve talked to his publicist about scheduling an interview next time he’s in town, but I’m still waiting for the DJ Logic tour! damn

rodrick said... @ 8/09/2006 07:56:00 PM

damnit you have shit that nobody else even thinks about posting. thanks for this didn't even know logic had a new record.

Anonymous said... @ 8/13/2006 05:41:00 PM

Logic's album is HOT and I would love to second that vibe that we would like see a tour happenin' ... maybe we should email his publicist or label to see what is in the works? Not much on Logic's website, he has a my space page , key word project logic

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