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I already posted my favorite albums and songs when I started this blog but here is a collection of places to find top albums and songs from people that know much more about music than I could ever attempt to. Check it out! also there is free stuff at the bottom so stick with me or just scroll to the bottom which is cool too.

The Onion
Pop Matters
Soul Sides (Top hip hop w/downloads!)
Tiny Mix Tapes
Rolling Stone
Media Critic

I posted Pitchfork's 2005 "Best Of List" earlier, so click here to see that along with my comments. I have also listed the best albums of 1979. Why you might ask yourself? Because this is the music I would be listening to if it were possible. Check out the very very good stuff that came out in 1979 (aside from me of course!).

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall
2. Clash - London Calling
3. Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
4. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
5. Talking Heads - Fear of Music
6. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps
7. The Specials - The Specials
8. Bob Marley - Survival
9. Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
10. AC/DC - Highway to Hell

Best remix.
1. The Legendary K.O. -- George W. Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
[Clean Version][Explicit Version][Quicktime Music Video]

Cool song of the day.
Jah Division - Dub will tear us apart.mp3 [via Free Motion Hiphop ].

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Peen said... @ 1/01/2006 12:13:00 PM

I can't stop listening to the song remixed by K.O.!!!!!

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