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While I mess around with getting formats straight and working on design might as well post this for all those that don't read this.

Top 5 Albums in No Apparent Order:
*Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Artifact
[Best stuff from the STS9 crew yet. More together and less jammy. Good stuff]
*Kanye West - Late Registration
[Better than his already classic first album. Billboard Top 10 hip-hop with a message.]
*My Morning Jacket - Z
[Fantastic. Jim James' singing is so different than anything out there right now. Off the record's reggae style sound is awesome.]
*DangerDoom - The Mouse and the Mask
[Following up the Best Hip-Hop Album of 2004, MF Doom teams up with Dangermouse. If you love hip-hop and adult swim, then you love this album as much as I do.]
*M.I.A. - Arular
[Great beats. Brilliant blend of Arulpragasam's vocals, jamacian dancehall and some "electro hardcore rap from NYC." There is also numerous Kill Bill references only adding to the enjoyment and draw.]

Top Songs of 2005 (No Order):
*Common - Testify
*Kanye West - Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix feat. Jay Z)
*DJ Z-Trip - Breakfast Club
*Gorillaz - Don't Get Lost in Heaven
*M.I.A. - 10 Dollar
*Danger Doom - Crosshairs
*Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say
*LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations

But this whole excercise of picking Top whatever for 2005 is a bit pointless right? Given I have not "earned" any credibility as a person that can decern the good from the bad? The coal from the diamond. Something I will work on. I realize there are probably great indie albums I haven't given a chance thus far but I will work on that as well.

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nico said... @ 12/16/2005 03:06:00 PM

I love "Tokyo" from the STS9 disc. It is very different from their other work. I still find myself going for Seasons 01 when I get the itch for STS9. Hopefully those guys will tour where I'm living soon.

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