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Honestly I don't know anything about TBG (Tokin Black Guy) aside from the fact that his new single, "Body Clock" supposedly produced by Kanye West and actually kinda sounds like him. I don't really understand the name its pretty lame and I don't get anything of substance from his myspace. There isn't even anything on the GOOD music website which I assume he is signed too. Intriguing mix of friends on his myspace Zoot Woman, MIA, Kanye and Santogold.

According to SPIN any connection between Kanye and Tokin Black Guy are false. I'm not convinced its not some marketing ploy. But here I am talking about it so I guess on some level its working. Check out the mystery song and feel free to enlighten me about this dude if you know something.

Mp3: TBG - "Body Clock"

2 interested person(s)

Iggy Smalls said... @ 2/03/2009 12:00:00 AM

i found this track in my inbox a few days ago. came from a goodmusicinfo@gmail.com. kinda weird... pretty sure good music would have their own server, and not on that gmail tip. u know?

k. said... @ 2/03/2009 07:26:00 PM

same here. doesnt seem right. something is up.

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