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...and that will be the only instance of an exclmation point in this entire post. As I was informed today, Coachella has released its official line up with a layaway option and everything. First thing is first if you can't purchase these expensive tickets outright then you probably shouldn't be going. Things are a mess and not getting better anytime soon. I know way too many people with massive credit card debt a problem that has yet to come to roost, but thats an issue for another post and I'm hardly an economist.

The real point of contention for me is that the headliners are weak and the rest of the lineup is uninspiring. Paul McCartney, The Cure and the Killers? Really. Sorry my mom isn't going to make it to the three day festival so you can take Sir Paul off. Not sure if the forty something black eyed make-up crowd is picking up these things either and well...The Killers just make bad music.

Sure there are some salvageable people during the course of the festival, TV on the Radio, Band of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, Lupe Fiasco and Peanut Butter Wolf, but they can't salvage this bill or even come close to justify the ridiculous cost. We shouldn't bring up the fact that Girl Talk occupies similar space on that bill as TVOTR and Amy Winehouse is a second line act will either give a lame performance or simply not show up at all.

$269 dollars? Really for this? Save your money and pay down your credit card debt if you have it. We will all be better for it.

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2Scoops said... @ 2/05/2009 04:25:00 PM

i feel you, I was just lookin at the line-up ...man it's wack.

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