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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (guitarist, producer, and composer) was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, in 1975. However, he spent his growing years in South Carolina and El Paso, TX. In Texas he began the hardcore band Startled Calf at the age of 15. In 1993 he joined post-hardcore group At the Drive-In, which lasted until the band broke up at the peak of its popularity in 2001. He would form the Mars Volta the following year.

His latest record is Old Money and his first for Stones Throw. According to Allmusic the record is a "conceptual recording very loosely based around themes of childhood dreams, nightmares, and colonial capitalism." Certainly some heavy themes for an initial release. But evidenced by the tracklist. The record has a pretty broad ranging musical scope moving from progressive to psychedelic to funk at times.

Mp3: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - "Private Fortunes"

Buy: Get Old Money here.

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