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Once again another great round of games. Hopefully you all caught the LSU-A&M game with the game winning three ball from LSU. While I might be out of my pick'em brackets my favorite teams are still very much alive. Huskies played a great game versus Illinois. I was being harassed by my girlfriend's parents when the Illini went up by 11 in the second half...odd they didn't call me after the game. Maybe lost cell reception.

The Zags played a good game against a hungry Indiana team. Morrison didn't score much and the Zags were still able to win which is promising. They have a tough game coming up against a solid UCLA team.

Day 3 Blogger results:

1. AG Picks the Winners! -41
2. Emerald Life -40
3. Everybody Cares -36
3. CYSTSFTS? -36
5. So Much Silence -34
5. Feed Me Good Tunes -34
7. Modsuperstars -31
8. Bows + Arrows -30
8. scatter o' light -30
10. No Frontin' Just Winning -27
11. Veritas Lux Mea -26

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