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While the Kanye haters are frequent and many I am certainly not one. I am a huge Kanye fan. What better for your Sunday morning then some Kanye West tracks.

The first features Dialated Peoples whos Expansion Team record is one of my favorites (how can you beat DJ Babu on the tables?).

The second track is Ludacris's Standup remixed by Kanye. While most mainstream hip hop emcees bother the crap out of me I always enjoy Ludacris. I especially loved it when he got into it with Bill O'Reilly. Good stuff.

The final track is another with Ludacris and Kanye. This one also has Twista. I am not a Twista solo fan but I think when he is featured on a song his rhyming style fits well. Check them out:

Mp3: Dialated Peoples feat. Kanye West - "This Way"
Mp3: Ludacris feat. Kanye West - "Stand Up" (Remix)
Mp3: Kanye West feat. Ludacris and Twista - "Poppin' tags" (Remix)

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