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Totally spaced on posting my Tuesday crate dig (was actually thinking today was Tuesday) so instead its a Wednesday dig and a brief tour of some of my favorite music blogs. I have decided to highlight some new and old tracks from the great month of February.

So Much Silence
Kevin did a great job of posting some cool B side tracks along with one my favorite hip hop acts among other things in Febuary. Ohh and I almost forgot get over there and check out Giant Panda a great emerging hip hop act. An awesome find by Kevin.

Mp3: Stars - "Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Mix)"
Mp3: Blackalicious - "Paragraph President"
Mp3: Blackalicious - "Your Move (Live on KEXP)"
Mp3: Giant Panda - "Diggin' in the Tapes"

My Ole Kentucky Blog
Dodge doesn't post much hip hop and really specializes in the indie stuff but when he does post some non-indie stuff it is usually top notch. Check out Breakestra from one of my favorite labels Ubiquity Records.

Mp3: Breakestra - "Family Rap"
Mp3: Breakestra - "Show & Prve"
Mp3: Breakestra - "Gotta Let Me Know"

Mocking Music
Awesome post about one of my all time favorite artists Nick Drake with the original tracks and then them covered by Beck, check them out here.

Tonight Lets Dance
A great Black Jazz records collection from 1971-1976 is offered up by Tonight Lets Dance. Definitely something to check out that hasn't gotten enough attention. A great collection. Check it out here.

Feed Me Good Tunes
Damnit these guys know good music. I love pretty much all their stuff and the month of February was no exception. Dropping a song by Deltron 3030, Ozomatli, Jimmy Smith and Baby Mamoth. I think they read my thoughts or something cause everything they put up I either have, want, or love. Keep up the great work fellas. No dig is complete without some tracks from Feed Me Good Tunes.

Mp3: Deltron 3030 - "Memory Lost"
Mp3: Ozomatli - "Nadie Te Tira"
Mp3: Baby Mamoth - "Tomoz Jazz"
Mp3: Jimmy Smith - "Burning Spear"

5 interested person(s)

jds said... @ 2/22/2006 01:33:00 PM

The Feist link appears to be broken.

K. said... @ 2/22/2006 01:52:00 PM

Arrgg indeed it is. I have it at home will upload it to ezarchive when I get home.

JT said... @ 2/22/2006 03:02:00 PM

K -- yr digging skills are second-to-none. I cannot stop listening to that Breakestra disc (I'm a huge fan of Ubiquity too), and those Blackalicious tracks have kept me going.

As for Layer Cake, it's a worthwhile movie to check out. I think that Daniel Craig's getting a real hard time about being Bond, especially from those determined internet website-makers:


Crazy stuff. Cheers again for the nod too.

Anonymous said... @ 2/23/2006 12:55:00 PM

great summary of some awesome sites thanks k.

Silent K said... @ 3/14/2006 08:10:00 PM

It's a pleasure to be of service.

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