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Well I didn't want to move to South Dakota anyways but here is just one more reason. Today the South Dakota's state legislature approved a bill to ban most abortions. The move experts say takes aim to force the US Supreme Court to reconsider its key ruling on the issue. This is the nation's most far-reaching ban on abortion in the US to date.

It just is now up to an anti-abortion governor to sign. There are few exceptions to allowing an abortion. Exceptions will be made if a woman's life is at risk, but not for rape. Great, that makes alot of sense. If you are raped or a victim of incest how is that child going to be raised? I am sure they are going to feel alot of love from the father. Again, its not the women's fault but they are forced to live with the result of male violence against them. This makes absolutely no sense at all. Men do the crime and women suffer for it. Where is the logic there?

At least leave it up to the women to have the choice to decide if they want to have the child.

US State takes aim at abortion by BBC News
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