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The Bush administration said Thursday that it would seek about $120 billion in additional financing to pay for continuing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through 2006. Most of the new money is to go to the war in Iraq, which already has cost an estimated $250 billion since the invasion in March 2003.

The additional spending, along with other war funds the administration will seek separately in its regular budget next week, would push the price tag for combat and nation-building since Sept. 11, 2001, to nearly half a trillion dollars ($585 billion)— approaching the cost of the 13-year-long Vietnam War. Its funny when spending is directed at social services and education its liberal crap, but when you go on a spending spree for weapons and war its conservative, odd.

$120 Billion More Is Sought For Military in War Zones
by David S. Cloud (Ny Times)
Bush's Bill for War is Rising
by Mark Mazzetti and Joel Havemann (LA Times)
Bush Request Would Push War Total to $440B
by Andrew Taylor (Washington Post)
The War could cost up to 2 Trillion old AG article

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