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Ohh in other news, aside from basketball, I guess this Iraq War thing is getting pricey. A report out today said it could cost $2 trillion dollars! The study was done by a Columbia University economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and Harvard lecturer Linda Bilmes. Harvard and Columbia? $2 trillion dollars?

Pfft, chump change, crap Universities. I blow at least a mill a weekend here in Vermont. Whatever happened to 1 trillion? I must have been sleeping when we passed the 1 trillion mark. Wow $2 trillion dollars on blowing stuff up just so we can build it again, sounds like a book I read once.

But seriously, what else you going to spend $2 Trillion on? Education? Too late we are too far behind. The Japanese have their kids doing quantum mechanics at 2 months. Plus, I hear to build a school costs as much as a bomb does these days. Can you believe it? How about the poor you say? They wouldn't know what to do with it. Plus there are too many. So pass me another AGM-114N Metal Augmented Charge Hellfire missile and lets keep blasting our way to 2 trillion!

Cost of Iraq war could top $2 trillion by Joseph Szep

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