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Since I have been pushing the modern classical and in fear of Joey Porter accusing me of being "soft." I pass along a great source of some classic hip hop. Its called Rootdown radio. Rootdown hosts some great hip hop shows which are downloadable. Be sure to check it out. Here is the lineup of the current show being hosted.

Show 20 line up
1. Rasco ---The Unassisted
2. A Tribe Called Quest ---Jam
3. The Coup ---Phat Cats and Bigga Fish
4. KRS-One ---It's all a Struggle
5. BlendCrafters feat. MF Doom ---Melody (Remix)
6. KMD feat. MF Grimm ---What a niggy know (Remix)
7. The Jugganuats ---Sex Type Thing
8. PMD ---I'm a B-boy

Mp3: Download Rootdown's show 20 (30 mins).

Rootdown radio is also hosting a free download of 30 minutes of handpicked music from the Godfather himself. Be sure to check out the one and only JB.

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