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I have to admit the names of these two bands are ridiculous. They are some of the crappiest names I have come across in a long time. Guess you can give credit to Clogs that they aren't called "The Clogs." But they both definitely make some good music. Not to mention Clogs boosting my Danish hit count.

I am not sure why I have been dwelling on the downtempo piano stuff as of late (I guess you could call this modern classical if that is possible?). Maybe, its the process of applying for jobs and finishing up a masters thesis that makes you just want to relax and be a passive listener. I am sure I will bring it (more hip hop etc.) later just give me time.

Mp3: The Boats - "Sarah Alice"
Mp3: The Boats - "Jumble"

As for these groups, The Boats make probably what is best described as delicate music, soft and seemingly fragile. The the piano provides the central theme to all the tunes on We made it for you (and maybe the first album for that matter, I missed that one). The Boats aren't going to light your hair on fire but they provide excellent background, conversation, relaxation music. Stylus Magazine summed it up nicely, "What results is uniformly enjoyable, and hard to dislike; the sound is so winsome that hating We Made It For You is the musical equivalent of kicking a puppy just because you wanted a cat instead."

Mp3: Clogs - "2:3:5"
Mp3: Clogs - "Kapsburger"

These songs are off the Lantern record. Clogs are made up of four improvising classical musicians from Australia and the US. Their music revolves around a blend of classical music traditions with maybe some folk variations thrown in. Clogs are more driven by subtle guitars then the piano. That's all I got. But I can say this. I won't probably ever mention the word Clogs again in this blog.

Buy The Boats We Made it For You
Buy Clogs Lantern

I also should mention that I am currently crafting up an article about the warlike landscapes that many in America call home. Some of the highlights include East St. Louis and the Super Bowl's very own Detroit.

3 interested person(s)

jds said... @ 2/03/2006 08:01:00 AM

Green Mill Chicago

K. said... @ 2/03/2006 08:47:00 AM

Damnit you cheated! I should have figured I need to change the photo name. Stupid me and clever you.

zoe said... @ 2/09/2006 01:14:00 PM

hey, good discovery on clogs.
nice blog too :)

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