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Beards are cool. I just wish I could sport one of such density. Mine is a pretty sorry excuse for a beard, all patchy and thin. Now damn Mr. Plummer sir, that is a fine look. So Colorado, so mountain man.

I remember this guy playing for ASU and let me tell you I think Denver did well in picking this guy up. He had a bad rap, but when you spend a majority of your career playing for the Arizona Cardinals that will happen to a guy.

Anyways I'm sounding like Plummer's girlfriend here so lets get to some NFL action. Its set to kick off here in a couple hours with the Broncos-Steelers game. I am going to be rooting for the AFC west of old now that the Bears are out. So go Seahawks and go Broncos.

I can't stand the Steelers mainly because of Mr. Frowny Pants Bill Cower (yes I am 12) and of course I hate the Panthers for knocking out the Bears. I also love how all the sports people are freaking out about no Deshaun Foster, dude it doesn't matter they have Steve Smith! That guy is a one man wrecking crew. Now if they didn't have him that would be something to poop your pants about.

Is it me or is Jake Delhomme the biggest dope in football? I can't stand his run around like a madman demeanor on field. He just strikes me as a guy that is not in the least bit stable.

Update: Crap the Steelers are giving it to the Broncos. They are making me look like an idiot, well that probably isn't the fault of the Steelers. Lets hope for a strong second half from the mountain man.

Update 2: Ok so Mr. Frowny Pants wins one. The Mountain Man loses. But in his defense and mine, Deadspin had this to say, "They gave up 34 points at home, and Plummer was under constant pressure. I don’t think John Elway would’ve been able to beat this Steelers team today, so I’m not going to be too hard on Jake." Damn straight Deadspin, damn straight. I hope somebody can take out the Steelers they are annoying as hell.

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jds said... @ 1/23/2006 10:14:00 PM

Mr. Plummer is rocking it. Now he's got a good number of months to sit back, crack open some Coors, and let the beard get nice and flowy. If Troy Polamalu can do it on D, then Jake can definately become the hairiest QB in history.

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