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I finally bit the bullet and signed myself up for some cable this week. So, there will be no more messing around when it comes to college hoops. I can check out a good 3-4 games a week and I am pretty high on that. I do fantasy NBA as you know, but NBA is pretty weak to watch. They don't play any sort of defense, don't push the ball up quickly, don't hustle for rebounds, hell half the time they don't look like they are even enjoying themselves.

Well that isn't so for college hoops. There were some pretty big upsets this weekend with Duke falling to Georgetown and Pittsburgh getting beat by St. Johns. Hopefully I will be able to catch the Washington Huskies vs. Oregon Ducks tonight. Might not happen given my current east coast status but we shall see. You know Badger fans are incensed with Wisconsin getting slammed by the Bison of North Dakota State at home. Deadspin had a great recap.

"Really, it was only a matter of time before the homegrown basketball talent in North Dakota just took over. I mean, when you talk about hotbeds for basketball talent, there's New York, Chicago, and Fargo. Was there any doubt that they'd recover from that tough loss to Utah Valley State? Wisconsin had won 27 straight at home against non-conference opponents. Ouch."
I am still loving the game Gonzaga brings to the table with plenty of scoring. UW Huskies play similarar type ball the question is if they can bring the defense needed to run the table. The combo of Shelden Williams and JJ for Duke are going to be real tough to beat especially come tournament time. Daniel Gibson for Texas had a ridiculous game today scoring 37 pts on lowly Baylor. Michigan State looked impressive as well in their beatdown of Iowa.
Update: I forgot to post that Florida was also upset by Tennessee. They went into the game as the last undefeated and didn't stand up to the test. Many had predicted an upset here. Florida always seems to have promise but doesn't ever do much come tournament time.

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Colbs said... @ 1/25/2006 05:16:00 PM

Let the record show that Tennessee was fined by the SEC for letting their fans mob the court after the game. How weak is that?

K. said... @ 1/26/2006 12:59:00 PM

Not as weak as the Coach that got a technical because he fell on the court with chest pains and was carried off on a strecher.

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