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So far there has been 7 head coach hirings: Rod Marinelli (Lions), Sean Payton (Saints), Scott Linehan (Rams), Eric Mangini (Jets), Mike McCarthy (Packers), Brad Childress (Vikings) and Gary Kubiak (Texans). The Raiders and Bills are the only NFL teams left with a head coach opening.

Hmm. Something seems conspicuously absent from this group. If you guessed pigment you are absolutely correct. All these guys are white. I am continually surprised by the lack of diversity in the NFL when the hiring process comes along.

6 teams out of the 32 teams have black head coaches. 65% of the league is black. The 6 teams headed by black coaches have a combined record this year of 51-45 (0.531). You take out the lowly Cards and Jets and you get a winning percentage of 42-22 (.656). Arguably the best teams (Bears, Bengals, Colts) during the regular season where headed by black coaches. This combined with the fact that the teams being inherited by these coaches aren't the best either. The Bengals, Bears, and Browns weren't teams exactly lighting the league on fire. All of them have had dramatic success with their new black coaches. Smith and Dungy finished 1 and 2 in Coach of the year polls this season.

You would think with the success of Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy, Marvin Lewis, and Romeo Crenel you would see the hiring of more black coaches. Not the case. Bears' Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary, Browns offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon and New York Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis were all rumored to be interviewed for head coaching positions. Thus far with only one opening to go, none of them have been hired. Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera who is hispanic tied to the Rams job wasn't even hired. The Texans interviewed wide receivers coach Kippy Brown for their spot, but looks like they are going with Kubiak. The Bills today interviewed Bill great James Lofton for its head coaching job.

So far in terms of diversity the NFL is 0 for 7, and that number shouldn't make anyone happy. The NFL had an opportunity to make great progress unforuntately they are going to get sacked in their own endzone when it comes to diversity. There are far to many good black coaches out there for this trend to continue. We will have progress when 65% of coaches are Black, not 12 percent.

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3 interested person(s)

JT said... @ 1/19/2006 06:13:00 PM

Yeah, this is pretty piss poor.

Best 3 Coaches in the NFL in 2005: Dungy, Lovie Smith, Marv Lewis.

Not only that, but Marinelli's never even been an OFF/DEF Coordinator before, let alone run an entire team.

It's annoying to see the same few guys get recycled around the league (I mean, apparently someone still wants to give Jim Haslett a Head Coaching job?) while plenty of good candidates give good interviews and don't get hired.

Peen said... @ 1/19/2006 07:40:00 PM

Small correction, but point still valid.

Chiefs new coach - Edwards

K. said... @ 1/19/2006 08:10:00 PM

He is factored into the 6. He simply moved from the Jets to Chiefs.

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