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Whelp its another Thursday and another Thursday on top for 'The Kamaniacs.' I have to dedicate this week to the play of Caron Butler (no. 4 overall for the week) and the play of newly acquired Jameer Nelson.

I foolishly traded away Boris Diaw, but luckily I was able to pick up this cat who has been playing out of his mind since Steve Francis pulled a "Scottie Pippen" a week ago refusing to enter a blowout game. Nelson, a second-year player from Saint Joseph's is averaging 22.8 points on 53.5 percent shooting in eight games in January and has 58 assists and 27 turnovers.

While Nelson has been great I have also been a bit disappointed in the play of Andre Iguodala as of late. While he hasn't been awful he has yet to improve on his stellar rookie season. I drafted him thinking he was going to be a 5 cat monster, but he really has yet to pan out.

The player I got in the Boris Diaw deal has turned out to be garbage. James Jones was aquired to fill up the 3 point category however he has been extremely inconsistent since The Kamaniacs got him a month ago. At the time of the deal it didn't look bad, Jones will tickling the twine from deep on a regular basis, now though it just looks silly. Here are a couple players that might break out here soon and if you play fantasy basketball you should keep an eye on.

Earl Watson--Point Guard--Nuggets
Not sure if they are shopping this guy or what but hes playing very well as of late. Denver has started him the last 3 games at sg. If you need a pg I would look into seeing if he is available really more because of his value if/when they trade him.

Andres Nocioni--Forward--Bulls
Gotta give a Chicago Bull some love. He has been playing well since he was sent to the bench. He hits the 3, shoots for a good percentage from the field, and drills his free throws.

Kendrick Perkins--Forward/Center--Celtics
You are going to have to see what goes down with the Kandiman trade but Marc Blount is out of Boston and LaFrentz is garbage. Perkins has been playing strong as of late and started the last three games. 12.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, and 56% shooting in nearly 30 minutes per game is sweet out of a FA center at this stage in the season.

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