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Not sure who is familiar with Larry H. Miller, the Utah Jazz and movie theater chain owner (yes that is really him to the left), who caused a controversy for pulling the highly aclaimed Brokeback Mountain at the very last minute from his multiplex in Salt Lake Utah, no explanation offered.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Miller didn't know the subject matter until a radio interviewer asked him about it the day it was supposed to open. Less than two hours after the interview, "Brokeback" was pulled from the theater, with a typewritten note stuck to the ticket window that read: "There has been a change in booking and we will not be showing 'Brokeback Mountain.' We apologize for any inconvenience."

Anyway the hater was asked a couple questions about why he pulled the movie. But, as the radio reporter approached him for a comment as he was entering a hotel ballroom to deliver a speech at the local NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King luncheon he flipped his lid. I know the irony is unbelievable. A hot and bothered Miller slapped the microphone away, saying “I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. Okay? Anything else you want to know?” Well the best part is that the whole exchange was caught on video (video here).

There is really a couple shocking things at play here. One, he decided to lash out violently at a Martin Luther King luncheon. Two, he was even invited. Three, that his theater continues to show six screenings a day of Hostel, a movie deemed as "pure exploitation, ineptly made, and completely repulsive." And finally that he is old, fat, white, and bald. Ohh wait scratch that last one that is completely logical.

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1 interested person(s)

schwartz said... @ 1/19/2006 09:41:00 AM

Channel 5 News is pushing the use of the green screen to new heights. Amazing.

Also amazing that "60% of Utahians agree with Millers decision to pull the film."

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