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No, its not a Sunday monster truck show its the NFL this week. There are some great games on tap this weekend. This week more than any I would say. If you care to comment let me know what games you are most interested in watching (I sifted out the lame games that no self-respecting fan should say are quality matchups).

Bears v. Falcons
[Mr. Laser arm versus the best defense in the NFL at Soldier field. Should be huge. Both of these teams are in must win situations.]
Steelers v. Vikings
[The Vikings are rolling behind the 37 year old QB. They have won 6 straight...Daunte who?]
Cowboys v. Redskins
[Loser is most likely out of the playoffs.]
Colts v. San Diego
[Ok so the Chargers where looking pretty lame last weekend versus the Fish, but they can score in bunches and have the best run defense in the league. Should be a good one as the Colts keep at the run for perfection. SD gave the Colts a run for their money last season in the playoffs.]
Tampa Bay v. Patriots
[This game doesn't interest me in the least. But since I am in patroit land I am sure there are some that think this is the best game on tap.]
Giants v. KC
[This should be a good game to check out as well. KC is coming off a tough loss and it will be interesting to see Larry J. go up against a defense in NYC that is playing very well.]

If you had to pick 1 game JUST 1 game what would it be?

1 interested person(s)

clint said... @ 12/16/2005 06:48:00 PM

The NFL is meaningless now that Team Triangle Choke is out for the count!

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