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This just breaking the charismatic and always fair, Robert Novak is leaving CNN. I am extremely saddened. Where will a man of such character go? A man with such journalistic integrity. Is there a place for journalism that is functioning at his high level? Yes my friends there is, it's the self proclaimed "Fair and Balanced" Fox news.

Seriously, don't they have enough conservative jerks on that station? Novak hasn't lifted his self-protecting little slimball neck out of the sand since he was taken off the air in August for swearing like a spoiled brat on Crossfire. Well this story is a testimony that if an ultra conservative, close-minded, arrogant, self-server needs a place to go...that place is Fox.

Ohh and don't forget that whole CIA he-said-she-said thing.

You know you want to watch Bob Novak lose it again, Right+Click Here via Crooks and Liars [QuickTime].

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andy said... @ 12/16/2005 03:36:00 PM

kelsey, my man
glad your bloggin again. i am too, kind of, working for jeteye.com in san francisco. check out novak, doing his thing! scandalous

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