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Shifting gears to some furiously funky disco house on this Friday night, you should definitely check out this hour long live set from Go Go Bizkitt. Oh, and free download, too!
Live @ How To Kill The Party!, Toulouse, France 26/11/2010 by Go Go Bizkitt!

And now, here's the tracklisting:

01:Yasumo - where are they
02:Adulture & Ghosts of venice - Bromance
03: Treasure Fingers - Cross the dancefloor (Acapella)
04:J Paul Getto - Just For You
05:Turntable Mafia - Possibilities (DJ EQ remix)
06:Leonardus & Le Babar - that funky music
07:Titan - RA"deo (Sammy Bananas remix)
08:Chic - Forbidden Lover ( Down n Dirty DJs remix)
09:Light Year - the pop shot
10:DJ EQ - Starscape
11:La Zebra - Mind tricks ( Justin Faust remix)
12:Louis La Roche - Malfunction
13:Joey Chicago - in the dark( DJ EQ remix)
14:Nightdrugs - Aya ( NightDrugs remix)
15:Cryda Luv' - Sing Sing ( Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
16:Go Go Bizkitt - Wow!
17:Rubix - Baiser sur la disco (Rubix Refix)
18:The Phantom's Revenge - Bastard can do 90
19:Moonchild - Girl
20:Knightlife - Discotirso
21:Detboi- Rainbows
22:Aniki- Lesbian Bondage Fiasco
23:Breakbot- Baby im yours
24:Flight Facilities- Crave you (Acapella)

2 interested person(s)

GhettoChateaux said... @ 12/19/2010 09:43:00 AM

Immeasurably epic. Best link of the week. If you could post the setlist you'd be a legend.

E said... @ 12/21/2010 09:53:00 AM

He just updated the set with the tracklisting, so I added it to the post. Enjoy!

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