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Mathew Kyle, a velvety-smooth DJ and producer out of NYC, creates some of the best slow jams out there right now. His upcoming EP, the Matthew Kyle EP coming in February, is a slow-churned disco blissout. My favorite cut from of the EP has to be "Honey Sugar"--it's a slice of disco deliciousness that just melts away whatever you're stressing about. When I first heard his tracks, I knew he'd be a great person to talk to here on Analog Giant, so I threw him a few quick questions. Here's what he had to say:

E: What are you working on right now?

I just finished up a remix for Soho808, and am working on finishing up a couple original songs for a digital release in 2011 on Audio Parallax. I actually have 2 digital EP's coming out in early 2011 with AP. I also have a vinyl EP coming out with a few of my edits as well.

E: How would you describe your sound? And what would it taste like?

I'm not sure actually... A lot of people I've come into contact with since I started making music tell me I have "my own sound" or that they can tell when I do a remix or something of the sort. Ultimately I do what I want to hear, as I'm my biggest critic.

If my sound had a taste... a 12 year old Scotch served neat and slowly sipped.

E: A lot of your tracks are nice and slow --are there any artists that inspire you to go with that slow sound?

Oh man, far too many to list. The pitched-down, slo-sound is gaining a lot of attention and there are a lot of producers making sick records. The Revenge first and foremost, and his side-project with Craig Smith as 6th Borough Project. Eddie C, Cole Medina, Smith and Mudd, the Dead Rose Music Company, The Francis Inferno Orchestra, Tornado Wallace, Daniel Solar. I'm barely scratching the surface, a lot of people inspire me.

E: Many people have discovered your music through Soundcloud. Has Soundcloud changed the way you discover new music and share your own music with the community?

Absolutely. I got discovered on SC and continue to network with like-minded people. Its actually the only "social-network" site I use. Its an amazing website and has certainly helped me with promotion and just getting stuff heard. Plus there is an abundance of excellent music on there, you just gotta look for it.

Be sure to check out the Matthew Kyle EP here, along with the rest of his tracks.

Daylight With Bonita by M.K.
Leon Ware - Learning How To Love You (Matthew Kyle Edit) by M.K.

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