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A bit late but as promised here are some of my favorite reggae tracks. Seems fitting since I have spent the last week relaxing in Jamaica. Love to hear your thoughts on your favorite reggae tracks.

Eric Donaldson - "Cherry Oh Baby" [YouTube]
Johnny Osbourne - "Water Pumping" [YouTube]
Derrick Harriott and the Crystalites - "Let Me Down Easy" [YouTube]
Barrington Levy - "Murderer" [YouTube]
Johnny Osbourne - "Ice Cream Sound"
Desmond Decker - "Beautiful and Dangerous" [YouTube]
Cocoa Tea - "I've Lost My Sonia" [YouTube]
Augustus Pablo - "Chant to King Selassie I" [YouTube]

"Cherry Oh Baby" might be my overall favorite reggae track. It changes however. Been asking a lot of people down here in Jamaica if they listen to dub reggae but haven't found any. Maybe my interest in King Tubby, King Jammy, Augustus Pablo and dub is limited to a select few or just laid back white kids...not sure...

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Sound said... @ 1/13/2010 05:38:00 PM

All by Culture -
See Them a Come
I'm Not Ashamed
Two Sevens Clash (where the Clash got their name, we know this)

Love the blog!


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