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No stranger to even the most common of reggae listeners, Jimmy Cliff is the subject of the day. Jimmy Cliff released his best record in my opinion in Wonderful World, Beautiful People in 1970. The record was a precursor to his reggae classic and star movie appearance, The Harder They Come (one of the best Jamacian films ever) released two years later. Cliff was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, on April 1, 1948, as James Chambers. At 14 Cliff moved to Kingston were he recorded several unsuccessful songs before being spotted by Derrick Morgan who brought him to Leslie Kong. His first single under Kong, "Hurricane Hattie," was an hit. Cliff would go on to an unprecedented string of hit records in a short 4 year span and its still puzzles me that he is not as large and well known as his countryman Bob Marley.

Jimmy Cliff in 1969, Wonderful World, Beutiful People in 1970, The Harder They Come in 1972 and then Struggling Man in 1973 is one of the most impressive set of record releases in all of music and Cliff really deserves more respect than I believe he gets as a Reggae legend. Check out a track from Wonderful World, Beautiful People.

Mp3: Jimmy Cliff - "Vietnam"

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Yann M. said... @ 9/03/2008 05:04:00 PM

yo vietnam is my joint, when i first heard the lyrics it was ridiculoid

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