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Former mayor of 7,000, 1+ year as frontier state Governor, 1984 Mrs. Wasilla Alaska = 2nd more powerful person in the most powerful country in the world? Sorry just doesn't add up.

Seriously I had a WTF moment this morning as my wife and I discussed this pick. First it totally destroys McCain's argument that Obama is inexperienced. Second you place a person in the VP with less experience than Dan Quayle. Third you completely insult any woman that is a republican by bypassing more qualified women (Kay Hutchinson anyone?) along with thinking that a pro-life, ultra-conservative women with a University of Idaho education will take votes from a Yale Law grad with 2 terms of US Senate experience and 8 years in the White House.

An obvious political play for women/maverick votes yet so blatantly misguided it destroys the one wedge against Obama. This move just wreaks of Harriet Myers. The debates are going to be interesting if not very very embarassing for Republicans in this country. You think she will go head to head with Biden? Sorry no chance.

As one talking head on CNN said, "she will wither under the national spotlight."

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