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Here is a brief list of the most overrated and underrated albums of 2007 as I saw it. Love to hear the opinions of some others as I know there are some that found Graduation overrated and probably really enjoyed some of my overrated albums.


1. Dan Deacon: The Crystal Cat. I just don't get this dude's music and its just so hipster its ridiculous.
2. Lil Wayne: Da Drought 3. So, so tired of Lil Wayne.
3. Of Montreal: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
4. Dressing like its the 80's and you're broke. Look I love Charles Barkley vintage kicks too but do you have to be wearing an outfit entirely made up of neon?
5. Panda Bear: Person Pitch. Don't get me wrong its a wonderful record but I am seeing it above In Rainbows, Graduation, Kala, and Sound of Silver on year end lists and I just don't think its that good.


1. Brother Ali: The Undisputed Truth. Political hip hop fire.
2. Boys Noize: Oi Oi Oi
4. James Pants. Cool music, responds to myspace emails and is from my home state Washington. All good things. "This Christmas Girl" best holiday song of 2007!
5. Buck 65: Situation
6. Midnight Juggernauts: Dystopia
7. Switch. XLR8tr got it right.
8. Cinematic Orchestra: Ma Fleur
9. El Michels Affair: The PJ's...From Afar. Forgot this record came out in 2007. I kind of wore out the record after listening to it for days on repeat but this was certainly one of the year's best.

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troy. said... @ 12/31/2007 11:20:00 AM

Nice call w/ Switch -- his "Tell Me" remix is a lesson in deconstructing a song and rebuilding it to remix perfection. Also bouncin' to the Speaker Junk "Foxxy" remix he did.

Oh...and my "Most Forgotten About/Underrated" goes to Klaxons -- I didn't see them on any year-end lists.

k. said... @ 1/01/2008 09:00:00 AM

excellent point troy. forgot about the klaxons and i fell in love with some of the tracks off that record. good look.

.albert said... @ 1/04/2008 04:36:00 AM

Thank you for repping Midnight Juggernauts, Boys Noize and Switch all in the one post. All three blew my mind this year. Justice did too... but they're *not* underrated.

The Dude said... @ 1/14/2008 03:29:00 PM

Good list, the only place I disagree with is Dan Deacon. I love the song Wham City, and seeing him live was so much fun, everyone stopped acting like the hipsters you normally see at shows and just freaked the fuck out (in a good way).

Dusty said... @ 1/17/2008 05:57:00 PM

Everybody slept on that Cinematic Orchestra Record. So good.


Eduardo Osorio said... @ 1/20/2008 09:02:00 AM

I loved three of your overrated albums. Of Montreal's is seriously out of this planet. Best album of 2007 for me.

-=~n~=- said... @ 1/29/2008 05:30:00 PM

Buck 65 is OVERRATED and SUCKS. He needs to stop!!!

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