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Vincent Belorgey, aka Kavinsky is a French electronic artist. His first EP was released in 2006 on the Record Makers label. Entitled Teddy Boy EP and features remixes by Mr. Oizo and Arpanet. This year Kavinsky has been touring with his other French electonic counter parts Daft Punk, SebastiAn and Justice. Like Daft Punk before him Kavinsky has created a made up world to engulf himself and his music in. Instead of a robot he's a zombie. But, he's the best kind of zombie a 1980's zombie who has come back from a fatal car crash suffered in 1986 in a Testarossa.

His 2007 electo record is aptly named 1986 commerating the year this zombie was born. Kavinsky has a knack for making a great short EP crammed with 80's style electro synth music ramped up to around 120 bpm. Check out a track of his 2006 release and then head over to his myspace for his 2007 release.

Mp3: Kavinsky - "Testarossa Autodrive" (Arpanet Nightdrive Rework)

Also check out his anime style video (you have to have animation when creating a zombie persona). I can see the criticism that its a bit to video game sounding but hell I enjoy it.

Video: Check out the entertaining video.

More: Head over to Kavinsky's myspace for a preview of the 2007 release. Get Kavisky records here.

Kavinsky and other AG favorites DJ Mehdi, A-Trak, Kid Sister, Catchdubs and the Kool Kids rock the Empty Bottle this Sunday.

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laurent the laurent said... @ 10/16/2007 11:30:00 AM

On first listen, this sounds exactly like 1986 Zombie music eventhough I didn't know 1986 Zombie music even existed. Good stuff none the less.

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