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I was first exposed to the Heliocentrics was on Stones Throw's Now-Again Re:Sounds, Vol. 1. Their sound is difficult to categorize, part abstract jazz, part hip hop along with a bit of funk and some psychedelic. The influences are all over the place from David Axelrod, Sun Ra and you can even a bit of the Godfather of Soul.

The Heliocentrics have worked with Madlib and backed DJ Shadow on several tours. Their new album is Out There and is set to drop at the end of the month. Don't miss it. Check out a sample track off the promo. If you don't get down at about the 45 sec mark you might want check yourself into a doctor to get your head right.

Mp3: Heliocentrics - "Once Upon a Time"

Buy: Make sure you pre-order this record here.

Heliocentrics is Malcolm Catto on drums & piano, Jake Ferguson on bass & Thai guitar, Mike Burnham playing modular synth & effects, Jack Yglesias on flutes, percussion & santur, Adrian Owusu on guitars, oud & percussion, along with James Arben playing clarinet, tenor & baritone sax, Ray Carless on alto, tenor & baritone sax, and last but not least Max Weissenfeldt doing vibes & percussion.

1 interested person(s)

Philip said... @ 9/05/2007 11:38:00 PM

Holy Crap.
Grimy dark alley eclectic funk meets trippy downtempo in a swarm of minimalistic noise.
I don't know if thats a good description but that's what came to me upon listening to it.

Definitely picking this up.

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