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Blu and Exile premier their sound with Below the Heavens. Exile some might know is from the group Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile on prod). Blu is truly premiering his sound as he just started recording in '04.

Below the Heavens features some great talent in Ta'Raach and Aloe Blacc. This is certainly one of the years better hip hop releases and I highly recommend checking it out. Here is a sample track:

Buy: Get the record here.

2 interested person(s)

dave said... @ 9/07/2007 08:11:00 PM

Glad to see this getting some attention, hasn't left my rotation for a couple months now... Anyone who's feeling that whole Blue Scholars/Common Market sound should def check this out.

rrougher said... @ 9/08/2007 07:47:00 AM

nice track. Definitely gives me the same 'it's just so nice' feeling I get when I hear Blue Scholars. And given the comment above these peeps are going on my watch list for sure.

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