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The Boys And Girls Club, no not this one, but this one hail from Brooklyn NY and specialize in pop/club. Their track "Summer in the City" certainly caught my ear. Its got some nice laid back vocals with a great beat. The duo of Scott (Scott Thorough, Nuclear Family) and Mike (Short Stories) formed in the summer of 2002 as a collaborative musical effort. The resulting tracks on their myspace show that its paying off.

Its hard to look past these dude's list of favorite artists Hall and Oats, Daft Punk, MF Doom...alot of the same stuff I am into. Check out a track:

Mp3: The Boys and Girls Club - "Summer in the City"

Let them know what you think. Their album A Simple Night of Dancing is out now.

2 interested person(s)

Spowf said... @ 8/16/2007 08:05:00 AM

Great track to chillout to and just ponder and contemplate..... :)

Evan said... @ 8/16/2007 05:57:00 PM

love the track, love the voice.

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