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I ran across the record Mesa the other day on emusic. After giving it a listen I had to purchase it. The downbeat electronic and hip hop influences Anomaly uses fits right into my personal tastes. The interesting part is that I cruised over to his myspace and found out he is my neighbour (Evanston is about 10 miles or so from my house).

This is real laid back instramental stuff here. Check out a track of his latest record:

Mp3: Anomaly - "Its Him Again"

Some of this might be too abstract and minimalistic for the typical hip hop listener but I am certainly diggin it. Get it at emusic here.

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Johann said... @ 8/19/2007 11:36:00 PM

I'm pretty sure this song samples Blonde Redhead - Melody. Great track by the way, I like this a lot.

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