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Just six months after the first Pocket Symphony single, "Once Upon A Time," Air are releasing their first EP for the new album Mer du Japon EP. You can see the weird video for the single here. The single comes with a new vocal mix by the dudes themselves, and Kris Menace and the Teenagers lend a pair of remixes as well.

Air are one of the few bands that I can look back on their catalogue, all the way to my high school days and say that I enjoyed just about ever record they have put out. This track is especially good as they take off from their "Alone in Kyoto" track they did for the Lost in Translation soundtrack (which is one of my favorite Air tracks). Check out the Kris Menace remix where he cranks up the bass.

Mp3: Air - "Mer du Japon" (Kris Menace Remix)

Tour: Air is going on tour more about that here. Don't get your hopes up there are zero US dates.

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