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New Common track thanks to Spine Magazine. Its from Common's upcoming album Finding Forever which drops July 10th. The track features Dwele and was produced by Kanye West.

Mp3: Common feat. Dwele - "The People"

Here is a bit about the track from The Fader Magazine:

Set to be Finding Forever's first single, "The People" begins with a chopped interplay between the sampled "Louder!" and "Yeah!" from Mountain's ultimate breakbeat jam "Long Red." Not long ago "Long Red" was sampled by J Dilla for De La Soul's "Verbal Clap" on The Grind Date. West said that during a meeting with Steven Spielberg, the director told him that he made the film AI in the way he imagined Stanley Kubrick would have told the story. West revealed that this inspired him to produce all his tracks on Finding Forever in the same way the recently departed Dilla would have, in tribute to him.
Get the whole rundown of the album track by track from Fader HERE.

photo by kin.

3 interested person(s)

White Silk said... @ 5/07/2007 04:34:00 PM

The thought of Kanye producing all his tracks the way Dilla would have is kinda ridiculous considering that West isn't on the same level of gritty production that Dilla was but, I gotta admit, this track is not bad.
Not necessarily Dilla-esque but certainly a bit more so than anything Kanye has produced to date.....

clark said... @ 5/07/2007 06:08:00 PM

Very nice track, I can see it being a good single for the new album. Well done Kanye

Anonymous said... @ 5/17/2007 11:13:00 AM

Sounds more like a Madlib bite... Fuck Kanye using the same fucking drums all the time... Dilla use this same break on Fourtet's Serious As Your Life remix and killed them... they bang beter than the original break... Common should have taken the 3,0000 Dilla beats that are floating the streets and made his whole joint off of Dilla beats instead of fucking with Kanye's rip off... Kanye needs to give Arthur Lee's estate some loot for using Love's Doggone break too many times...

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