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I admittedly know very little about the whole reggae/dancehall scene but with the help of the likes of Double L, El Professor and Ross Hogg I have been slowly learning. Compilations like these don't hurt either.

In Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2006 the esteemed Greensleeves puts together 40 (40!!) of the greatest dancehall/reggae tracks of 2006. Its like the dancehall Cliff Notes for the whole scene in '06 with essential hits, sleepers and the up and comers. Turntable lab said it best:

VP and Greensleeves both make great compilations, but they've got a different style- VP is like the honest but predictable old uncle who tells it like it is; Greensleeves is like the wild out little cousin who tells you the news plus a whole bunch of other shit. Both have their virtues, but there's something more exciting about the Greensleeves joints- you just don't know what you're gonna find on here.
My favorite out of the 40 if I had to choose one has got to be Richie Spice's "Open the door."

Mp3: Richie Spice - "Open the Door" (zshare)

But like I said all 40 are fantastic and definitely worth the purchase. Don't skimp on this one. Its crucial for your 2007 to have this record.

Buy: Get it from Turntable lab of course! here.

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