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Well what better to pair some militaristic Afrocentric hip hop then with a schizophrenic indie pop outfit from Portland, Oregon. The Blow originally was visual artist and performer Khaela Maricich's "group" (she was the only member) but is now paired with Jona Bechtolt. Bechtolt like Maricich has his own "group" called Y.A.C.H.T. The pairs' release under Maricich's band The Blow was Paper Television. The album is a great indie-pop record that came out in October of 2006 (I know I am a bit late on this one).

Their track "Pile of Gold" caught my ear with Maricich's "rap-singing" over some steller instramentals. Check that out:

Here is a remix featuring Claire L. Evans done by Y.A.C.H.T. of The Blow's song "Hock It" which appeared on The Blow's Poor Aim: Love Songs back in 2004.

Buy: Get Paper Television here.

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