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Ubiquity is one of those labels that only seems to release good records. I have yet to listen to a Ubiquity release that I have thought to myself, "daaamn what were they thinking when they signed this dude (or lady)?"

Shawn Lee is a bit of an instrumental maestro and when I heard his new record is going to feature is instrumentation with vocals by fellow Ubiquity dudes Ohmega Watts and Nino Moschella you have to take notice. Moschella's 2006 release The Fix was one of last years best. Also Nino Moschella vs. Shawn Lee's Kiss The Sky EP (mp3 sample) is another must own.

Check out a track from the upcoming record:

Mp3: Shawn Lee - "Song for David"

Buy: Get Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Voices and Choices here. More samples here.

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