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Essential reading for those that haven't yet:

Drama and Cannon Arrested on Some Bullshit by Tom Breihan
Lil Wayne Weighs In On DJ Drama Raid by Rap Basement
The Law Takes Aim at Mixtapes by Kelefa Sanneh (NY Times)

For those that don't know this is what went down on Tuesday of last week according to the NY Times:

"On Tuesday night he was arrested with Don Cannon, a protégé. The police, working with the Recording Industry Association of America, raided his office, at 147 Walker Street in Atlanta. The association makes no distinction between counterfeit CDs and unlicensed compilations like those that DJ Drama is known for. So the police confiscated 81,000 discs, four vehicles, recording gear, and “other assets that are proceeds of a pattern of illegal activity,” said Chief Jeffrey C. Baker, from the Morrow, Ga., police department, which participated in the raid."

I am not really a fan of any of the music these dudes put out, but I can still acknowledge that this is some really messed up stuff given what mixtapes do for generating hype and buzz in hip hop. Where were dudes when Drama was promoting T.I. a year ago and helping him sell a bazillion records (think he went gold in a week)? Its just another illustration of the complete disconnection with the traditions of hip hop and the suits that make the decisions. They act like Drama and Cannon were in there making copies of retail albums.

Sorry this is late but I just felt I HAD to weigh in on this. They just don't seem to get it. Ohh and Lil' Wayne is a hypocrite and obviously forgot that Gangsta Grillz and Dedication 2 are the only reasons why anybody gives a damn about Lil' Wayne in the first place.

Free Drama and Cannon. Boycott Lil' Wayne.

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