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Via Fader Blog/Magazine:

Hey, we always said Lady Sov wasn't a grime star, but a pop star. Now that her "Love Me Or Hate Me" is #1 on TRL, we're not gonna get all "told you so" because that kind of thing can only backfire, but we are gonna hit you with this official, studio-fresh Sovereign remix, featuring a leadoff verse from none other than fellow Adidas fan Missy Elliot.

Fader definitely has a point about the grime part. Still I'll take lady Sov. over J. Simpson or whatever bullshit is usually rotating on TRL. I'd be interested how they make the chorus work on TRL, but I don't have MTV, so its probably best left to the imagination given if I had MTV I would be subjected to steady doses of the intolerable Laguna Beach series by my significant other.

Mp3: Lady Sovereign - "Love Me or Hate Me" (Missy Elliot Remix)

1 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 10/22/2006 08:56:00 PM

Lady SOV is HOT!!!! This remix is FIRE!!!!

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