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Pitchfork is reporting that RJD2's new record is going to be self created live instrumentation. He has signed with XL recordings after making his last two records with the vaunted Def Jux. This from Pitchfork:

"I've gone rap free in 2006," claimed RJD2. The Columbus-by-way-of-Philadelphia producer spoke to Pitchfork earlier this week about his currently-untitled third album, which will be released on the indie- and electronic-centric label XL, rather than RJ's longtime home of Def Jux. And instead of the sampledelic hip-hop/electronica of previous albums Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke, the new album was recorded with live instrumentation played entirely by RJ himself.

[Keep reading here]. Hmm...this sounds intriguing while one part of me wants a new hip-hip/electronic RJ album the other part is interested on what he will cook up on a live instrumental record. RJ said the record would be out, "hopefully next year sometime, February/March/April-ish. If we're looking at May, I think that's kind of late."

5 interested person(s)

JT said... @ 9/18/2006 03:58:00 PM

I'm certainly intrigued and interested. When El-P tried to do "jazz" [The Blue Series Continuum Disc], a lot of people hated it, but it was worth the effort to create something new [as far as El-P was concerned. Coincidentally, his new album will be out sometime this year].

Lookin' forward to RJD2 trying his hand at the live tunes.

kristjan said... @ 9/18/2006 07:27:00 PM

the man is so talented, it doesnt matter what he does, it will be good! i will miss the samples though. he was one of the best at it. the last couple of shows i have seen, he sings and plays the guitar for the encore. so this is not a huge suprise. looking forward to it!

Haldan said... @ 9/19/2006 10:27:00 PM

people don't realize that he played almost eveything on "since we last spoke" as well - it just didn't sound like it. from the horses mouth, no lie.

handicapped bunnyrabbits said... @ 9/26/2006 12:55:00 PM

this new rjd2 stuff sounds interesting. personally, i felt his albums were getting a little redundant. i love rjd2 and everything he puts out, but i was waiting for something new. so, it will be cool to see what he has up his sleeve this time around.
as for leaving def jux, this is a bit weary to me. i dont know, maybe this is just me getting sentimental over rj leaving the def jux crew.

anyways, i think the set up on your blog is pretty awesome. the albums on your rotation list are pretty hot. mind sharing how you did that?

k. said... @ 9/26/2006 12:57:00 PM

email me at analoggiant@gmail.com and I can send you an example of the code. its pretty straight forward.

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