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To push my non-remix mp3 streak to two posts (even though I have a remix of this song) I have just finally gotten around to listening to Monsieur Sebastian Tellier. Originally dismissed as another singer/songwriter in the vein of Bonnie Prince Billy or Mr. Stevens and then commonly confused with the disco/electronic/dance outfit named SebastiAn I unduly slept on Mr. Tellier's album Sessions. Finally getting the opportunity I listened to "La Ritournelle" and was floored.

Admittedly its not a great piece of songwriting and falls short of the aforementioned cult indie icons, but this chamber pop anthem has a fantastic big piano sound and is simply beautiful to listen to. If you haven't checked out this multi-faceted instrumentalist/singer from Paris, France's 17th Arrondissement, you need to, his work is awesome.

Buy: Tellier has a record called Universe coming out September 18th and also has the album Sessions which features the track above, head over here to get them. Ohh and on a side note the guy rocks an amazing look on the 12".

**Update: Thanks to AG reader Dan for giving me the heads up on this fantastic live version check it out and give your thanks to Dan!

2 interested person(s)

dexter said... @ 9/18/2006 06:45:00 AM

this track is fantastic thanks.

Flatlander said... @ 9/19/2006 02:34:00 PM

"Originally dismissed as another singer/songwriter in the vein of Bonnie Prince Billy"

Hmmm. What's wrong with being compared to the furry little man? I don't think that should dismiss anyone.

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