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There are few labels I like more than the UK based Ninja Tune. Ninja Tune has some of the best artists around (Bonobo, Blockhead, Coldcut, Kid Koala, Daedulus, Daedelus, Antibalas, Mr. Scruff the list goes on and on). There are two releases that I'm especially anticipating.

Kid Koala's Your Mom's Favorite DJ is set to be released on October 3rd. The other is a dude that can do no wrong in my book and thats Bonobo. His release, Days to Come is due out a day before on Oct. 2nd. Bonobo like Radiohead, like Thievery Corporation, like Blackalicious, like the Roots is an artist that I have a hard time being critical of their records. I just find myself liking every single one. I guess everyone has artists that they feel that way towards. Check out a couple tracks from his upcoming record:

Mp3: Bonobo - "Recurring"
Mp3: Bonobo feat. Bajka - "Days to Come"

Alot of the Bonobo tracks employ the sultry vocals of Bajka somebody I am not all familiar with but of course whos voice works with that down tempo/trip hop sound perfectly.

Pre-order it: Get Kid's record here OR Bonobo's record here, or the single "Nightlite" here.

4 interested person(s)

Galen said... @ 9/10/2006 11:38:00 AM

thanks for that. yeah, Ninja Tune is the shit. have you heard the new Fink yet? i actually like it quite a lot.
"Days To Come" certainly lives up to its title-track status. i can't wait for the release...

Marc said... @ 9/10/2006 10:27:00 PM

Thanks for all the good selections! Bajka has a great track out with Radio Citizen called 'The Hop' which also shows up on a Ubiquity release (sept 12th) Berlin Serengetti is the name of the release. The Hop is a great track and im looking fwd to the full length...check www.ubiquity.com for samples.here is the promo from them on the album

Strains of film noir-worthy dark jazz, chunky tropical dub, and snake-charming soul permeate Berlin Serengeti, the debut album from young Ubiquity signing Radio Citizen aka Niko Schabel. Radio Citizen was brought to our attention by Quantic. “Have a listen, you might like this,” he said handing over a CD-r to Ubiquity A+R rep Andrew Jervis after a gig in San Francisco. He was right. In summer 2005 Ubiquity released lead-off track “The Hop” on the Music Is My Art compilation. The mad DJ-friendly mix of dub and soul turn heads and rocked decks worldwide. Chanelling Mulatu and Coltrane in a dub shack, Schabel leads a talented collective of Berlin, Germany-based musicians, who together are behind this adrenalin-infused and spiritually-charged debut album. Bouncing effortlessly between genres Berlin Serengeti switches from DJ-friendly “The Hop“ to cinematic dub and moody back-room jazz on “Mondlicht.“ Manic jazz prevails on “Blackforest“ and “Voices“, where the crashing drum breaks take the intensity level up several notches, making way for the sparse yet intimate tracks like “Dust“, “Love Serenity“ and “Roads“. Schabel glues the loose collage of textures and samples with live playing and vocals on Berlin Serengeti. “My tracks are done when everything is essential and nothing can be taken away...When it shines, when it’s dark and deep,” he adds.

k said... @ 9/11/2006 06:47:00 AM

very cool mark thanks for the inside track on Bajka. Also Galen I have the Fink record and you are totally right its fantastic.

k said... @ 9/11/2006 06:48:00 AM

make that marc with a "c" sorry about that.

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