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Here is a great remix from Baltimore DJ Dave Nada. He has a great knack for creating killer blends and AG featured some of his past tracks awhile back. Well here is another certified banger. Check it out for yourself.

Mp3: Christina Aguilera feat. Rhythm Roots All-Stars - "Aint No Other Man" (Nada Afro Mix)

Here is what Philidelphia Weekly said about Mr. Nada:

The second wave of superstars includes DJ K-Swift, Spank Rock and turntable partners Dave Nada and DJ Tittsworth... What can attendees expect at the Nada/Tittsworth soiree?A lot of sweating, fist pumping and curse words... a lot of curse words.
Support him: Get a bunch of cool crap over at his myspace area. He also has some records coming out get over there and check it out.

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